In the current field of material transportation and construction, dump semi trailer is one of the most widely used transportation vehicles. With the help of hydraulic system, the dump semi trailer is able to complete many positions such as limit position, medium stop, lifting, return, and roof opening and closing. In addition, this type of trailers also has the advantages of simple operation, high economy, high transportation efficiency and low material surplus rate. Thus, tipper trailer plays an important role in the transportation industrial. It’s very important to select the right vendor when considering used tipper trailers to avoid any potential hazards cause by inefficient quality. Vehicle Master is the smart choice for you.

  • Length: 8m, 9m, 10m

  • Material: carbon steel

  • Capacity: 30T, 40T, 50T, 60T, 80T, 100T

  • Number of Axles: 2 axles, 3 axles, 4 axles

  • King Pin: 2", 3.5", JOST

  • Tire: 12R22.5, 1100R20, 1200R20

Sand Mining Transport 50 Ton Used Dump Trailer

Sand Mining Transport 50 Ton Used Dump Trailer

A used dump trailer is a semi-trailer with an automatic dumping device at the loading part, which is suitable for the transportation of bulk...

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