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20CMB 40CMB 60 CMB Cement Bulk Trailer For Sale

Production Time: Approximately 30 Working Days 
Packaging: SKD/CKD Shipping 
Method: Sea/Land Material: Q345B (Customizable) 
Axles: 1, 2, 3 (Customizable) 
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty on Main Structure 
Brand: Vehicle Master
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Cement bulk trailer, special tank semi-trailer for transporting powder and particle materials. Wide transportation range, transportation includes Chemical industry: bulk cement ash, fly ash, Lime powder; Food: flour, grain, corn. Suitable places: large cement plants, concrete mixing plants, chemical enterprises, large thermal power plants, grain reserve centers, individual users and logistics enterprises.

Types of Cement Bulk Trailer For Sale


  • Cement bulk trailer, according to the material, it is divided into carbon steel type and aluminum alloy type, and aluminum alloy type is generally used for food grade.

  • Cement bulk trailer is divided into W-shape and V-shape according to the number of warehouses. Generally, W-shape is used for loading 55cmb and above.

  • Cement bulk trailer, according to the structure, it is divided into horizontal tank and vertical tank, and vertical tank is generally used for food grade.

Cement Bulk Trailer - Horizontal Tank

  • The center of gravity of the whole vehicle is low and the driving is stable.

  • The cement bulk trailer of volume is large, and there are generally 1-2 silos.

  • There are a lot of residual materials in the tank, cement bulk trailer horizontal tank is suitable for transporting cement.

  • Cement bulk trailer fly ash and other powdery materials with low quality requirements.

Cement Bulk Trailer - Vertical Tank

  • A wide range of materials to be shipped ( powder, granular and massive materials ) by cement bulk trailer.

  • The residual material in the tank is low, cement bulk trailer reduces the product pollution and deterioration of multiple unloading assemblies.

  • High vehicle center of gravity cement bulk trailer.

  • The cement bulk trailer body is generally a multi bin structure, and the unloading process is slightly longer than the horizontal tank with the same volume.


The Cement Bulk Trailer for Sale Specification

  • Next, let's introduce the cement bulk tracker for sale in detail with 60CMB Specification. Following Spec are 60CMB Specification. If customer want to change specification. Please let us know.

Type: 60 CMB cement bulk trailer 
Length: 13100mm
Width: 2520mm
Height: 4010mm
Kingpin location: 1,350mm from the front face of the front bolster
Landing gear location: 2,523mm behind the kingpin location
Tare weight Approx. 13,000kg
 (above dimension will be adjusted according to the tractor specification.) 
Type: W-shape
Volume: 60000L+5%vaper
Dish ends: thickness=5mm
Shell: thickness=5mm
Discharge valve: 4"butterfly value
Kingpin: 2″/3.5″JOST
Discharge pipe & hose: 4"pipe & hose with quick coupling
Working pressure: 0.2Mpa
Test pressure: 0.3Mpa
Welding standard: All welding are to be done by qualified welder per applicable national standard
Painting: Shot blast at Standard SA 2.5 prior to application of primer, polyurethane top coat. Total DFT not less than 100um
Pneumatic System
Air compressor: Haoyue: 12m⊃3;/min.,  double cylinder, China
Engine: Weichai :4102P, China
Running gear
Suspension:  Mechanical suspension, leaf spring 10 layers, China
Axle: Dual line pneumatic brake, with ABS
Brake system: 6 units big brake chambers, China
air tank: 40L, 2 pcs,
Emergency relay valve: Haoyue standard relay valve
Tire: Triangle, 11.00R20, 14 pcs..
Rim: 8.00 steel disc wheel, 10 holes ISO, 14 pcs.. 
Landing Gear: Jost C200
Electrical System:
Voltage: 24 Volt
Receptacle: 7 way socket SAE standard, China
Front marker lamp: White
Side marker lamp: White & Red
Rear lamp: Red
Turn signal lamp: Amber
Reflector: Per customer requirement
Wiring: Electric cable protected by PVC conduit on main frame
Ladder: Equipped at the rear of the tank
Walkway: Anti-skid walk way from rear to first manhole
Handrail: 800mm height, pneumatic controlling
Mud guard: Steel mud guard
Spare wheel carriers: 1 pc
Tool box: 1 pc

How to Ensure The Tightness of The Cement Bulk Trailer


  • The cement bulk trailer adopted China Market first tanker examination methods. Complete cement bulk Trailer into X-RAY room to test the overall welding effect, whether there are welding missing points.

  • The cement bulk trailer adopted National Level Welding Supervisor. Meanwhile cooperate automatic welding machine. And more 30 minutes per process than normal welding time.

  • The cement bulk trailer subjected to shot blasting process, bottom paiting once, and polyurethane combination painting in twice, cement bulk trailer high oxidation resistance, stronger adhesion.

The Cement Bulk Semi Trailer Customer Feedback


  • The cement bulk trailer has high cost performance, driving safety and environmental protection.

  • Cement bulk semi trailer is sought after by the majority of riders.

  • The cement bulk semi trailer, beautiful appearance, strong loading capacity.

  • The cement bulk trailer, the warranty period of main body parts is up to three years, and customers can buy them with confidence.


Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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