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Custom Semi Trailer Manufacturer And Factory

As one of the largest semi trailer manufacturers, Vehicle Master has some of the largest factories and advanced manufacturing machineries.

We have dedicated factory units and technicians responsible for the manufacturing of different types of semi trailers such as fuel tank semi trailer, bulk cement (powder) semi trailer, side wall and fence semi trailer, rear/end dump and side dump semi trailer, and so on. We even produce our own semi trailer parts such as the main beams because we want to guarantee the highest quality by having control and supervision over every single detail.

Semi Trailer Factory Production Line

Here's is a brief walk-through of one of Vehicle Master's semi trailer factory unit. You will get a general idea of what our factories look like, how our semi trailer production lines work, and the environment of our factories. You will also have a better understanding of Vehicle Master's factory size and production capacity.

Semi Trailer Factory - Flatbed Trailer Floor Board Installation

In this video, professional semi trailer workers are placing and welding the floor boards on to the frame of flatbed semi trailers. The floor board of semi trailers such as flatbed semi trailer, lowbed semi trailer, side wall semi trailer, and fence semi trailer should be selected according to the type of goods the trailer is carrying. It will also depend on different customer needs, while Vehicle Master will also provide professional opinions to help our customers make the best decisions.

Semi Trailer Factory - Frame Welding

At Vehicle Master semi trailer factory, we are all about the details. We believe that great quality comes from taking care of small details. As you can see in this video, Vehicle Master's technicians don't disappoint at all. From a single welding point to the reinforcing plates on the trailer frame, they have been doing a beautiful job on these trailers.

Semi Trailer Factory - Flatbed Trailer Welding

Flatbed semi trailers have taken a big part of Vehicle Master's production as they can be used to transport various types of goods. For example, a 40 ft 3 axle flatbed semi trailers not only can carry 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, they can also be used to transport packaged construction materials, agricultural goods, and some of the machineries. As you can see in the video, each of our flatbed semi trailer factory unit covers a huge square number of footage. Thats why we always make sure each station has its clear workspace to maintain an efficient, safe, and smooth workflow.

Semi Trailer Factory - Rear/End Dump Trailer In China

As you can see in this video, the production line for rear/end dump semi trailer and side dump semi trailer is very efficient and well organized. The trailers placed on a track that can stop the trailers at each station for different stages of the production such as assembly, welding, and finishing touches. At each station, scientifically arranged number of certified technicians are assigned to work on the trailers. It's smooth and transition is seamless.

Custom Semi Trailer Manufacturer - Side Dump Trailer

The freshly produced side semi trailers are placed by the exit of the trailer factory unit. They will be inspected thorough before they are moved to the side dump trailer factory unit and get painting by the million dollar painting system.As you can already tell, Vehicle Master is a custom semi trailer manufacturer. Can accept and customize semi-trailer orders as small as a few thousand to as large as a few thousand.

Semi Trailer Manufacturer Powder Tanker Production

We are cement powder semi trailers manufacturer. Our factory unit C mainly produces cement powder semi trailers. They can be customized to carry different volume such as 20 cbm, 30 cbm, 40 cbm, 45 cbm, 50 cbm, and 55 cbm as needed. As we all know, welding is extremely important for the manufacturing of semi trailers. Therefore, we have the most advanced welding robots that take on welding with precision and accuracy. Some of the welding work is also finished by our certified and professional welding technicians as you can see in this video. Our 2 axle or 3 axle powder tanker trailers are built to take on the toughest workload. At the same time, they also need to look nice.

Semi Trailer Manufacturer - Advanced Painting System

What you are looking at is one of Vehicle Master's most expensive and advanced large machine - the automated painting system. This advanced painting system costs millions of American dollars to purchase and is well worth the money. Semi trailers that need painting go in from one side of the system, gets painted through steps of procedures, and come out with the beautiful coat of paint from the other side. This machine is so large that it spreads across the entire factory unit and takes about 1/3 of the space in this factory unit.

Semi Trailer Manufacturer And Factory Material

At Vehicle Master, when it comes to semi trailers, we do not depend on other manufacturers. We are well capable of using our own factories and workers for all the parts that are needed to produce any type of semi trailers. As you can tell from the video, we customize different sizes of metal to produce parts needed on semi trailer. Meanwhile, we use the parts that we produce ourselves and make high quality semi trailers. Using our own factories to produce the parts and the semi trailers is ?the key to success.

Semi Trailer Manufacturer Laser Cutter

The automated laser cutters from Vehicle Master play a very important role in our every day production. They give Vehicle Master the edge over other manufactures and enable our factories the ability to produce each and every single piece of metal on our semi trailers and trailer parts with the highest accuracy and precision.?The laser cutters are used to design and prepare smaller semi trailer parts. They usually cut out small pieces from large sheets of metal with accuracy and precision. At Vehicle Master, we have a few of these laser cutters work nonstop to satisfy the need of our large semi trailer productions.

Custom Semi Trailer Factory - Skeleton Semi Trailer

Since the skeleton semi trailer is the foundation of other few types of trailers such as flatbed semi trailer, side wall semi trailer, and cargo fen semi trailer, its quality is taken especially seriously at Vehicle Master. Each production stage is processed with care and strict supervision.

Semi Trailer Factory Parts

At Vehicle Master, we use our own semi trailer parts for all of our high quality semi trailers, which are produced by our own semi trailer part factory. In every factory unit, semi trailer parts are placed in their designated area to keep the working space efficient and consistent.

Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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