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  • What is Vehicle Master's Intelligent Painting?

    Vehicle Master's Intelligent Painting is the first robot painting and coating line in the domestic transportation and special vehicle industry. Some of the remarkable advantages are:
    - No pollution, zero waste water discharge, and 90% powder recovery rate;
    - The Japanese Kawasaki robot technology provides no dead angle, high efficiency, and uniform coating;
    - Silane pre-treatment, strong adhesion, and longer product coating quality assurance.
  • Why should you choose Vehicle Master over other manufacturers?

    Vehicle Master has a long history in the industry of semi trailer manufacturing. Founded in 1987 as just a welding and require shop, Vehicle Master became one of the first private enterprises that had entered the National Notice Directory in 1999. In the next 10 years, Vehicle Master entered the Strategic Joint Venture Agreement with a national size corporation at the time, had a great and successful partneship, and later on established our own semi trailer industrial park. Now, as the largest and most advanced semi trailer manufacturers in Shandong province, we take pride in our innovative factories and top quality engineering team and production team. Thats' why we always welcome new customers and potential business partners to come and see with their own eyes. It will be an unforgettable and overwhelming experience, and determine the beginning of a successful business relationship.
  • What type of semi trailers does Vehicle Master manufacture?

    Some of the main types of semi trailers that we manufacture are skeleton semi trailer or also known as container chassis, lowbed semi trailer, liquid/fuel tanker semi trailer, rear dump semi trailer and side dump semi trailer, side wall and fence semi trailer, and bulk cement tanker trailer. Meanwhile, Vehicle Master also specializes in special semi trailers such as modular trailer, terminal trailer, superlink flatdeck semi trailer or also known as interlink flatbed semi trailer, and different other types of special semi trailers.
  • Besides semi trailers, does Vehicle Manufacture any other types of products?

    Definitely yes! While semi trailers are the main type of products that we manufacture and provide for customers from all over the world, we also have dedicated factories manufacturing our own brand of semi trailer parts such as axles and suspensions. Furthermore, since we have acquired container certification from China Classification Society, we have also been producing different models of containers such as the 20ft container, 40HC, and 20ft 35T convertible container.

Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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