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20ft Container Skeleton Trailer

A 20ft container skeleton trailer, also known as a container chassis or container base, is specifically designed to transport standard 20ft shipping containers. It is a type of semi-trailer that is built with a skeletal framework and cross members to support and secure the container during transportation.
Product Name: 20ft Container Skeleton Trailer
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20ft Container Skeleton Trailer


A 20ft container skeleton trailer is a type of semi trailer specifically designed to transport standard 20ft shipping containers. It features a skeletal framework and cross members to support and secure the container during transportation. The trailer is equipped with twist locks or corner castings to lock the container into place. It is commonly used in the shipping and logistics industry to efficiently move containers between ports, terminals, and warehouses. These trailers are built to withstand heavy loads, have strong construction, and comply with container transportation regulations.

20ft Container Skeleton Trailer





Skeleton frame made of high-quality steel


2 or 3 axles (can be configured as per requirement)


Mechanical or air suspension system for smooth and stable operation

Landing Gear

Front-mounted two-speed or single-speed landing gear for safe stability during loading and unloading


2" or 3.5" bolted or welded kingpin for strong and secure coupling with a tractor unit

Twist Locks

Four or eight twist locks or combination twist locks for securing the container onto the trailer chassis


8 to 12 tires (size and load capacity as per local regulations), tubeless or tube-type, suitable for heavy-duty operations

Brake System

Dual line pneumatic brake system with ABS for efficient and safe braking

Electrical System

12V or 24V electrical system with LED lights and wiring harness ensuring reliable and visible signaling


Sandblasted and coated with a durable anti-rust primer and finished with high-quality paint for corrosion resistance and aesthetics


Rear bumper, side guardrails, toolbox, spare tire carrier, reflective tape, etc., as per customer requirements


Length: 12,000mm to 13,700mm, Width: 2,480mm to 2,500mm, Height: 1,500mm to 1,600mm

It is important to note that the actual configuration of a 20ft Container Skeleton Trailer may vary based on customer specifications, regional regulations, and manufacturer options.

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Email: bowen@vehiclemaster.com

20ft Container Skeleton Trailer

Video of 20ft Container Skeleton Trailer

We are proud to announce that our best-selling product is the 20ft Container Skeleton Trailer. This semi trailer enjoys an extremely high reputation and demand in the market. Its versatility, efficiency and reliability provide customers with superior container transportation solutions. Whether it is cargo transportation, logistics distribution or port transportation, our 20ft container skeleton trailer can easily cope with various needs. With high-quality materials and a robust design, it can withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions, ensuring safe and stable cargo transportation. Our 20ft container skelerton trailer has become the preferred choice for customers due to its excellent performance and excellent sales. Our team will provide professional and reliable services to meet your every need.


  • Versatile: The 20ft container skeleton trailer is designed specifically for transporting standard 20ft shipping containers, making it suitable for various container transportation needs.

  • Efficient: The skeletal design reduces the weight of the trailer, improving fuel efficiency and reducing operating costs.

  • Easy Loading and Unloading: The trailer is equipped with twist locks or corner castings, allowing for easy and secure loading and unloading of containers.

  • Interchangeable: The 20ft container skeleton trailer can be easily interchanged with other trailers or vehicles, providing flexibility in logistics operations.

  • Durability: Built with high-quality materials and robust construction, the trailer is durable and able to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions.

  • Safety: The stable skeletal framework and secure locking mechanisms ensure safe transportation of containers.

  • Compliance: The trailer meets international container transportation regulations, facilitating global use without legal or regulatory issues.

  • Cost-effective: The 20ft container skeleton trailer offers a cost-effective solution for container transportation, with efficient operations and lower maintenance needs.

  • 20ft Container Skeleton Trailer


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