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3 Axle High Fence Semi Trailer Costa Rica

Production Time: Approximately 30 Working Days 
Packaging: SKD/CKD 
Shipping Method: Sea/Land 
Material: Q345B (Customizable) 
Axles: 1, 2, 3 (Customizable) 
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty for Main Structure 
Brand: Vehicle Master
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At Vehicle Master, not only do we use our own factories and workshops to produce various types of semi trailers, we also select the most premium steels from reputable steel suppliers to ensure the quality of all the products. Everything on a semi trailer especially the steel and frame are some of the most important aspects of high quality. Precision and accuracy provided by advanced machines and equipment such as laser cutting machine is also a key point. Only large scale manufacturers such as Vehicle Master has the capability to offer the well rounded end results.

Purchase Reference of 3 Axle High Fence Semi Trailer Costa Rica

First of all, the user should choose the appropriate model according to their own transportation conditions: whether it is general cargo transportation or bulk coal transportation, whether it is high-speed standard load or heavy load on special road conditions, whether it is necessary to get on a forklift, open the door, choose gooseneck or flat beam, etc. It is very important to purchase the right one for you to maximize the functionality and value of your 3 axle high fence semi trailer in Costa Rica.



Steel for 3 Axle High Fence Semi Trailer Costa Rica

  • In recent years, with the increasing demand for lightweight in the Costa Rica market, the steel used by trailer companies has become increasingly diversified not only for the common Q235 and Q345 steels, but also high-strength steels such as 550, 700, 980, and aluminum alloy materials.

  • On a 3 axle high fence semi trailer , the steel grade of carbon structural steel is generally composed of: Q + number + quality grade symbol + deoxidation method symbol. Yield strength is the main performance parameter of steel. Generally, the tensile strength of steel is greater than yield strength. Q represents the yield point of steel and unit MPa is commonly known as 10 kilograms per one square centimeter (10kg/cm2).


List of Commonly Used Types of Steel for Trailers


Ordinary Plate

Manganese Plate

 (16 manganese)

High Strength Steel Plate/T700

Common Name




Yield point








 If you want to buy 3 Axle High Fence Semi Trailer for sale in Costa Rica, you should choose a suitable Fence Semi Trailer factory from China. We can provide you with professional technical support and after-sales service, which can help you do a good job in the Costa Rica market.



Explanation of Steel Used on 3 Axle High Fence Semi Trailer

Since the release of the new version of GB1589 in 2016 and the 921-overrun policy, the nationwide work on overloading and overrunning has been extensive and in-depth and is an important and effective way to achieve lightweight for 3 axle high fence semi trailer Costa Rica. Q235 and Q345 are commonly used steels in the industry. Q235 is a carbon structural steel with a yield point of 235MPa. It is the most common material in the plate and belongs to the ordinary plate series. Q345 is a low-alloy structural steel with a yield point of 345MPa. The main advantages of Q235 and Q245 steels are better comprehensive properties, better coordination of strength, plasticity and welding properties, lower production difficulty, and great advantages in price. It is because the thickness of the steel required to be increased after the strength is low, the weight of the whole vehicle is heavier.

 Are there any height restrictions on roads in Costa Rica? We must consider when purchasing trailers. There are limited height regulations in China, so if you want to place an order, be sure to tell our experts the size of the model.


Going lightweight is the unavoidable passing road for 3 axle high fence semi trailer , but the higher the strength of the steel, it doesn’t mean the better it is to use. Generally, the higher the yield strength, the lower the elongation. The choice of steel depends on the part of the trailer and the driving conditions. Q235 is generally used for trailers that do not carry structural parts and small parts. Q345 is generally used for more cargo box bottom plates. If Q700 is used as a bottom plate, if it is too thin due to light weight, it is too brittle, and the bottom plate may break during use. High-strength steel is currently widely used on lightweight trailer beams, but if the main working condition of driving is more than 60 tons, it is recommended to use Q345, which has better toughness, commonly known as "rebound after lying down". Of course, 700 is not the only type of high-strength steel to choose from. Some use special customized alloy steel such as 550. In the past two years, 980 steel with a higher strength grade has also been used for the side panels and fence rails of the cargo box. The plate can be made thinner. Under the condition of meeting the strength, the body weight can be better reduced.



Choose The Right Manufacturer for 3 Axle High Fence Semi Trailer Costa Rica

In terms of price, the prices of different types of steel are different. Even the quality of the same type of steel produced by different steel plants is also different. Generally speaking, high-strength steel is the most expensive, while Q345 is in the middle and Q235 has relatively the lowest price. It is recommended to always choose a reputable manufacturer when placing an order for 3 axle high fence semi trailer for Costa Rica. It should be known that the purchase price of a trailer factory with a larger scale of the same steel will be relatively lower. Moreover, some small trailer factories take steel directly from the local steel market, where the quality control in the procurement process is not strict. Regular large trailer factories can generally order directly from the steel factory and after ordering, 25cmx5-10cm will be taken for tensile test to test the quality of the purchased steel. This way, the quality is more guaranteed.



Maximize Quality for 3 Axle High Fence Semi Trailer Costa Rica

  • Each company has its own method for the design of "anti-slump waist", and here are two types of measures. The first one is the redesign of the wheelbase and front and rear suspension. In the past, the load-bearing road conditions and steel usage conditions used a wheelbase of about 6800. Now, after the popularization of lightweight high-strength steel, the wheelbase is relatively short such as about 6500. The other type is to make the "upper arch design" of a certain radian after the girder is subjected to force calculation. The gooseneck of the 3 axle high fence semi trailer Costa Rica is probed downward, while the height difference between the upper and lower ranges is not large and the height difference does not exceed 5cm. That way, the girder is in a straight line after the tractor is loaded. However, this kind of design has high requirements on the manufacturing process of the girder. The high-end quality production requires the steel plate to be directly cut into an "arch" by laser to reduce the damage to the plate and improve the cutting accuracy, but investment cost of laser cutting is too high. If it is made by the flame correction process, it will damage the steel. It is said that a set of laser cutting equipment of a certain brand costs millions, while the plasma cutting used by a general trailer factory is only hundreds of thousands. For any average trailer factory, it is hard to accept a cutting equipment that costs several million.

  • As one of the largest semi trailer manufacturers in China, Vehicle Master has a couple of laser cutting machines that are being used to maximize the quality and accuracy every day. Every semi trailer produced from our factory is guaranteed to be the strongest and toughest with the best value.

  • If you are planning or are already in the semi trailer business in Costa Rica, then be sure to consider the maximum capacity of the trailer. Choosing a large trailer manufacturer is a safer option.



Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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