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3 Axles 40000L Semi Trailer Tank

Production Time: Approximately 30 Working Days
Packaging: SKD/CKD
Shipping Method: Sea/Land
Material: Q345B (Customizable)
Axles: 1, 2, 3 (Customizable)
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty on Main Structure
Brand: Vehicle Master
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Semi Trailer Tank is used for liquid transporting. Usually, the semi trailer tank can transport oil, fuel, chemical, water, milk, etc. And based on the what type of liquid or material you transport, there are carbon steel semi trailer tank, stainless steel semi trailer tank and aluminum semi trailer tank for you to choose. Among semi trailer tanks, 3 axles 40000L semi trailer tank is the popular one.


3 axles 40000l semi trailer tank is one types of semi trailer tanks to transport liquid, such as crude oil, fuel, and alcohol. The 40000l volume tank can be divided into several compartments as you need. Carbon steel 3 axles 40000l semi trailer tank is popular in Africa and Asia.

How To Choose Semi Trailer Tank


Usually, 3 axles 40000L semi trailer tank is the common type and popular one.

In order to pick the proper semi trailer tank, you better let your suppliers know what kind of material do you transport, how many compartments do you need. This way, our suppliers can decide what kind of material semi trailer tanks to offer and whether your semi trailer tank need thermal.

3 Axles 40000L Semi Trailer Tank Specification











Tare weight:

Approx. 10000kg±500kg



40,000L+10% vapor



Tank body:

Carbon Steel ; Sphere end plate, Dish end thickness 5mm. Tank shell thickness 6mm



Discharge valve:

3” , 2pcs

Discharging pipe:

3 inch rubber hose with hose carriers, 2 pc, 6m/each

Method Of Loading And Unloading:

On the top


Anti-explosion type manhole, aluminum, 2pcs, diameter 500mm.


2” and 3.5” removable Kingpin, bolted in type

Bottom valve:

4 inch Pneumatic aluminum valve, 1pc, China brand


Hydrostatic test to 5 psi (35 Kpa) on each compartment

Welding standard:

All welding are to be done by qualified welder per applicable national standard


Shot blast at Standard SA 2.5 prior to application of primer, polyurethane top coat. Total DFT not less than 100um


As the photo that the customer provide

Running gear:


Common mechanical suspension, leaf spring 10pcsx13mmx90mm, China


FUWA, 3pcs*13 ton capacity with ABS

Brake system:

Dual line pneumatic brake, SAE hose and connector

Brake chamber:

4 double chambers and 2 single chambers, China with saddle stops


Linglong 12R22.5. 12 pieces


9.0 steel disc wheel, 10 holes ISO, 12 pcs. China

Landing gear:

CIMC Standard  28T one speed telescopic manual landing gear

Emergency relay valve:


Air tank:

40L, 2 pcs, China

Electrical System:


24 Volt


7 way socket SAE standard, China

Front marker lamp:


Side marker lamp:

White & Red

Rear lamp:


Turn signal lamp:



Per customer requirement


Electric cable protected by PVC conduit on main frame


Spare wheel carriers:

2 pcs

Tool box:

1 pcs

Fire extinguisher:

2 units per trailer


CIMC Standard

Mud guard:

Aluminum mud guard


One piece, carbon steel

The specification above is our standard one, If you have your own requirement, you can let me know, we can customize the semi trailer tanks based on customer requirements.

Semi Trailer Tank European System

The European system of the tanker includes:

  • Bottom loading and unloading system

  • Exhaust gas recovery system

  • Anti-overflow system

As the below picture shows:


  • The three identical valves on the left (with the handle facing up on the right side of the valve body) are the lower loading/unloading valves, one for each bin.

  • The valve on the far right without a handle is called the oil and gas recovery joint, one for each vehicle.

  • The blue one in the upper part of the valve box is called the anti-overflow probe socket.

  • The upper part of the right side of the valve box is the subsea valve air control combination switch, the three warehouses are four switches, the left side is the main switch, and the right side is the one, two and three warehouse switches.

  • The red one on the far left is the reverse electrostatic reel, which is used to reverse static electricity when loading and unloading, and has nothing to do with oil and gas recovery.

  • The two switches on the upper part of the valve box are the active guardrail switches, and the active guardrail switches are the switches of the top pneumatic guardrail. Not directly related to oil and gas recovery.


  • This is an aluminum alloy explosion-proof manhole cover

  • The long switch is a small hole cover, which can be opened for loading.

  • The blue wire harness is the anti-overflow probe, which is used to detect whether the liquid level reaches the probe position when filling the material. It is used in conjunction with the anti-overflow socket, and the wire harness is connected to the anti-overflow socket.

  • The white installation holes are for the oil and gas recovery valve. The oil and gas recovery valve is the same as the manhole cover. There is one for each bin. The oil and gas recovery valve can be installed on the manhole cover (the oil and gas recovery valve installed on the manhole cover is as shown in the above picture The blue label shown with black probe) can also be installed on the tank (as shown in the picture below, it is installed on the tank). Recover the gas in the tank. The small black cover on the manhole cover is on the mounting hole for the dipstick.

  • The breathing valve is installed on the tank next to the manhole cover, and some customers need to install it additionally. The general aluminum alloy explosion-proof manhole cover comes with a built-in breathing valve.


The one in this picture is the oil and gas recovery valve installed on the aluminum alloy explosion-proof manhole cover.

No matter where it is installed, the functionality is the same.

3 Axles Aluminum Trailer Tank Aluminium


This is the tank body of a 3 axles 40000L semi trailer tank. The material is aluminum. This aluminum tank is divided to 3 compartments. This 4000L semi trailer tank is used for transporting alcohol. The blue membrane covered on the tank is the protector, we will peel it off after installation of the chassis. After peeling off the membrane, the tank looks like a mirror.


Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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