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30-150 Tons Low Bed Trailer for Sale

We are a low bed trailer manufacturer, utilizing high-quality high-strength steel to produce low bed trailers. We offer customization options for load capacities ranging from 30 to 150 tons, as well as other customizable features.
Price: Factory Price. Get A Free Quote.
Capacity: 30-150 Tons 
Axle: 3 / 4 / 5 Axles 
Main Features: Customizable, 1-Year Warranty

Email: Bowen@vehiclemaster.com
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Product Introduction: 30-150 Tons Low Bed Trailer for Sale

We are a professional semi-trailer factory specializing in the production of low bed trailers. Our low bed trailers have a load capacity ranging from 30 tons to 150 tons. With their wide range of load capacities, low deck heights, heavy-duty structures, and advanced safety features, our trailers provide the strength, stability, and flexibility required for efficient transportation operations. Whether you are in construction, mining, or transportation industries, our trailers offer the strength, stability, and flexibility needed for efficient transportation operations.

30-150 Ton Low Bed Trailers for Sale

Common Specifications

Our low bed trailers are customizable, so each trailer's specifications vary. Here are some common specifications:

Load Capacity: 30-150 tons, customized according to your specific requirements and trailer configuration.

Axles: 3/4/5 axles or more, depending on the required load capacity. The higher the load, the more axles are used.

Detachable Gooseneck: Customizable detachable gooseneck feature.

Tire Style: Covered or Uncovered.

Main Beam Material: High-quality high-strength steel, Q345/T700.

Tire: 12R22.5/8.25r20 (12/16 Pieces), using branded tires, quantity depending on the number of axles.

Suspension System: Heavy-duty leaf spring suspension or air suspension available.

Ladder: Optional mechanical spring ladder or hydraulic ladder.

Landing Gear: Equipped with branded two-speed 28-ton landing gear for stable support.

These are common specifications for low bed trailer. If you require more detailed specifications or wish to purchase our low bed trailer, please feel free to contact us via leave a message or WhatsApp ( +86-18866100060 ).

Key Features

  • Multi-functional Load Capacity: Our low bed trailers have a load capacity ranging from 30 to 150 tons, meeting various transportation requirements. Whether you need to transport engineering machinery, industrial equipment, or oversized cargo, our trailers can easily accommodate a variety of payloads.

  • Low Deck Height: Designed with a low deck height, our low bed trailers enhance stability during transportation and facilitate easier operation under bridges, power lines, and other overhead obstacles.

  • Durable Structure: Constructed with high-strength steel, our low bed trailers are durable and rugged, capable of withstanding the rigorous challenges of heavy-duty transportation. The sturdy structure ensures durability, longevity, and resistance to structural fatigue even under harsh operating conditions.

30-150 Ton Low Bed Trailers for Sale

  • Ladder Options: Our low bed trailers come with customizable ladder options, including hydraulic or mechanical spring ladders, enabling efficient loading and unloading of heavy machinery and equipment, minimizing downtime, and improving productivity at the worksite.

30-150 Ton Low Bed Trailers for Sale

  • Heavy-Duty Suspension System: Equipped with a heavy-duty suspension system, our low bed trailers provide smooth and stable travel even when carrying heavy loads. The suspension system absorbs shocks and vibrations, ensuring comfort for both cargo and drivers while minimizing stress on the trailer and its components.

30-150 Ton Low Bed Trailers for Sale

  • Multi-Axle Configuration: To accommodate different load requirements and road conditions, our low bed trailers offer multi-axle configurations, including 2 axles, 3 axles, and more. These configurations provide optimal weight distribution, stability, and maneuverability, ensuring safe and efficient transportation.

30-150 Ton Low Bed Trailers for Sale

  • Detachable Gooseneck Option: To enhance versatility, our low bed trailers can be customized with a detachable gooseneck feature. This lowers the trailer deck, making it easier to load and unload equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, and cranes.

30-150 Ton Low Bed Trailers for Sale

Why Buy Vehicle Master's 30-150 Ton Low Bed Trailers?

Purchasing Vehicle Master's 30-150 ton low bed trailers offers several advantages:

  • Professional Factory: Vehicle Master is a semi-trailer factory with years of manufacturing experience, equipped with advanced production equipment, a skilled technical team, and extensive manufacturing experience, ensuring that each low bed trailer is meticulously manufactured and undergoes rigorous quality inspection.

  • High-Quality Materials: With access to high-quality raw material suppliers, we utilize premium materials and craftsmanship to ensure load capacity, durability, stability, and safety of the trailers.

  • Customization Services: We provide customization services to tailor low bed trailers according to customer requirements, including dimensions, accessories, paint, and other special requests. Whatever customization you need, we can meet your requirements and provide personalized solutions.

  • After-Sales Service: We offer comprehensive after-sales service and support, including technical consultation, spare parts supply, and maintenance. Whatever issues you encounter during use, we will promptly provide assistance to ensure your low bed trailer remains in good condition.

  • Factory Price: As a semi-trailer factory, all low bed trailers sold to you are offered at factory prices, without any markup from intermediaries. This ensures that you purchase low bed trailers that meet your requirements at the most favorable price.


Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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