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34 Ton Tipper Trailer for Sale

Our produced tipper trailers can be equipped with rear or side dumping configurations. Sizes and features can also be customized according to your usage requirements.
Dump Style: Rear / Side
Capacity:  30 - 100 Ton
Axle: 2 / 3 / 4 Axles
Price: Factory Price. Get A Free Quote.

+86 18866100060
Email:  bowen@vehiclemaster.com
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Product Introduction: 34 Ton Tipper Trailer for Sale

This is a customizable tipper trailer that offers the option for either rear or side tipping configurations. Professionally designed and constructed with high-quality high-strength steel, this tipper trailer features high payload capacity, multifunctional tipping mechanisms, a robust structure, and compliance with safety standards, making it an ideal choice for enterprises involved in the transportation of aggregates, sand, gravel, and other bulk materials.

34 Ton Tipper Trailer for Sale

Specifications of 34 Ton Tipper Trailer for Sale

Due to varying usage demands, customization requirements for tipper trailers differ. Below are common specifications:

Dump Type: Rear Dump or Side Dump, catering to different unloading requirements.

Loading Capacity: 30 - 100 tons. Payload can be customized according to your usage requirements.

Axles: 2 / 3 / 4 axles, configured based on different payload requirements.

Hydraulic Cylinder: HYVA, model depending on the length of the cargo box.

Suspension System: Equipped with heavy-duty leaf spring suspension or air suspension for enhanced comfort and adaptability on rough roads.

Material: Constructed with Q345 / T700 high-quality steel to ensure durability of the trailer structure.

Length*Width*Height: 11000mm*2500mm*2800mm, designed specifically based on your load requirements.

Tire: 8/12/16 pieces, tailored to match the number of axles.

The above are common specifications. If you require more detailed parameters, feel free to contact us via email or WhatsApp ( +86 18866100060 ) to obtain our product catalog.

34 Ton Tipper Trailer for Sale

Main Features of 34 Ton Tipper Trailer for Sale

  • Robust Structure: Constructed with high-quality steel, the trailer boasts a sturdy body structure capable of withstanding heavy loads and rugged terrains. Its reinforced design ensures long-term durability even in the most demanding work environments.

34 Ton Tipper Trailer for Sale

  • Multifunctional Tipping  Mechanism: Equipped with a hydraulic tipping mechanism, our tipper trailer enables quick and efficient unloading of bulk materials at delivery points. The hydraulic system provides precise control over the tipping process, ensuring safe and efficient unloading without the need for manual labor.

34 Ton Tipper Trailer for Sale

  • Reliable Suspension: The trailer is equipped with a reliable suspension system that ensures excellent stability and smooth driving even on uneven roads or rugged terrains. It minimizes the impact during transportation and enhances overall safety.

34 Ton Tipper Trailer for Sale

  • ABS Braking System: We offer customization options for a braking system with ABS functionality, helping to prevent wheel lock-up during sudden braking, reducing the risk of accidents, and ensuring optimal control under various driving conditions.

  • Heavy-Duty Axles: Utilizing heavy-duty axles with outstanding load-bearing capacity and structural integrity, the axles are carefully designed to withstand tremendous pressure and provide reliable performance under prolonged heavy loads.

  • Durable Tires: The tires of this tipper trailer are designed to withstand challenging terrains and long-distance travel, constructed from high-quality materials for excellent traction and durability.

34 Ton Tipper Trailer for Sale

  • Sturdy Landing Gear: The trailer is equipped with 28-ton two-speed landing gear, providing reliable support when the trailer is detached from the truck, facilitating loading and unloading operations. Its sturdy design ensures stability and safety during the loading and unloading process.

34 Ton Tipper Trailer for Sale

Why Purchase Our 34 Ton Tipper Trailer?

  • Leading Semi-Trailer Manufacturer: Vehicle Master is a semi-trailer manufacturer with 40 years of manufacturing experience, providing OEM production for multiple brands. Our produced semi-trailers are sold to dozens of countries and regions, including Africa, the Americas, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, etc.

  • Reliability: This 34 ton tipper trailer is constructed from high-quality high-strength steel, ensuring reliable performance and durability even under harsh conditions.

  • Safety: Various advanced safety features can be customized to ensure transportation safety and minimize risks.

  • Comprehensive After-Sales Service: With years of production and sales experience, our after-sales service is comprehensive. From product inquiries to the use of trailers, we provide thorough after-sales service.

  • Competitive Pricing: As a semi-trailer factory, we not only offer free customization services but also provide factory prices, allowing you to obtain a satisfactory 34 ton tipper trailer at the best price.


Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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