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4 Axle 100 Ton Low Bed Trailer for Sale

This is a low bed trailer suitable for heavy loads, designed for transporting heavy or super-heavy equipment or cargo. This low bed trailer offers a variety of customization options, with load capacities ranging from 30-150 tons and axle configurations of 3/4 axles or multi-axle setups.
Axle: 3 / 4 / 5 Axles and More
Loading Capacity: 30-150 Tons
Delivery time: 15~30 days
Shipping: RoRo/bulk/container/SKD/CKD, etc.
Price: Factory Price. Contact Us for A Free Quote.
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4 Axle 100 Ton Low Bed Trailer for Sale

We are a leading Chinese semi-trailer manufacturer offering customized services and selling semi-trailers at factory prices.

This low bed trailer is made from higher-quality materials than other trailers, providing greater load capacity and superior durability.

To meet different customer needs, we offer a variety of customization services, with load capacities ranging from 30 to 150 tons. The number of axles can vary depending on the trailer's length and load capacity, with configurations of 3, 4, 5, or multi axles.

4 Axle 100 Ton Low Bed Trailer for Sale

4 Axle 100 Ton Low Bed Trailer for Sale

4 Axle 100 Ton Low Bed Trailer for Sale

4 Axle 100 Ton Low Bed Trailer for Sale


  • Dimensions: 13000mm x 3000mm x 1760mm

  • Application: Heavy Duty Loading

  • Materials: High-Quality Steel

  • Main Beam Material: Q345/T700

  • Axles: 3/4/5 Axles or Multi-Axles

  • Load Capacity: 30 - 150 Tons

  • Detachable Gooseneck: Available

  • Widening Parts: Available

  • Ramps: Mechanical Spring/Hydraulic

  • Suspension: Mechanical/Air Suspension

  • Leaf Springs: 90mm x 13mm x 10 Pieces / 90mm x 16mm x 10 Pieces

  • Tires: 12R22.5/8.25R20 (12/16 Pieces), Brands like Linglong/Triangle/Double-Coin/Bridgestone/Other

  • Tire Style: Covered or Uncovered

  • Kingpin: #50(2")/#90(3.5"), JOST/Other Brand, Changeable

  • Landing Gear: 28 Tons Two Speed, JOST/Other Brand

  • Painting: Polyurethane Combination Painting

  • Other Customizable Options: Rim Material, ABS, LED Lights, Reflective Strips, OEM, etc.

4 Axle 100 Ton Low Bed Trailer for Sale

4 Axle 100 Ton Low Bed Trailer for Sale


  • Made with superior steel, mature manufacturing processes, and meticulous design, this lowbed trailer offers enhanced load capacity and durability.

  • Options for a detachable gooseneck or ramps based on operational requirements.

  • Comprehensive safety features such as branded landing gear, ABS, LED lights, and reflective strips.

  • Optional sidewalls can be added to increase bulk cargo transport capacity.

  • All parts are sourced from reputable brands, effectively extending lifespan and reducing operational costs.

  • We support various payment methods and provide comprehensive after-sales service.

  • As a trailer factory, we offer lowbed trailers at factory-direct prices, providing customers with a high-quality trailer at a lower purchasing cost.

4 Axle 100 Ton Low Bed Trailer for Sale

4 Axle 100 Ton Low Bed Trailer for Sale

4 Axle 100 Ton Low Bed Trailer for Sale

4 Axle 100 Ton Low Bed Trailer for Sale

4 Axle 100 Ton Low Bed Trailer for Sale

4 Axle 100 Ton Low Bed Trailer for Sale

This is an 8-axle lowbed trailer with rear-wheel steering, custom-built for a client. Our factory has significant capabilities to handle complex manufacturing tasks.

If you are interested in a custom lowbed trailer at factory-direct prices, or if you'd like to get a free product catalog, feel free to reach out to us via message or WhatsApp (+86-18866100060).


Q1: What can we purchase from you?

A: Flatbed trailers, low-bed trailers, container chassis trailers, dump trailers, tanker trailers, bulk cement trailers, fence trailers, sidewall trailers, trailer parts, etc.

Q2: How is the quality control of your company?

A: We use high-quality raw materials and advanced production techniques. Each trailer undergoes strict inspection before delivery to customers.

Q3: What is your delivery time?

A: Within 15-30 days after ordering.

Q4: How do we pay for your trailers?

A: Pay 30% deposit when ordering to start production. After production is complete, pay the remaining 70% before delivery.

Q5: Can you do branding for customers?

A: Yes, we can provide OEM branding with your logo.

Q6: Where is your loading port?

A: For sea freight, loading is from Qingdao, China. For land freight, it depends on the destination.

Q7: Why should customers buy from you instead of other suppliers?

A: As a trailer factory, we have first-class production equipment, strong technical capabilities, and advanced testing methods to provide you with more stable and reliable vehicles. Additionally, we can offer you factory prices to effectively reduce your purchasing costs.


Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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