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40 ft 45 ft Flatbed Trailer for Sale

Production Time: Approximately 30 Working Days 
Packaging: SKD/CKD 
Shipping Method: Sea/Land 
Material: Q345B (Customizable) 
Axles: 1, 2, 3 (Customizable) 
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty on Main Structure 
Brand: Vehicle Master
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The Production Process of 40 ft 45 ft Flatbed Trailer for Sale includes these steps: Blanking, Small Part Welding, Main Beam Welding, Frame Welding, Fitting, Painting, Final Assembly, Debugging.

The Production Process of 40 ft 45 ft Flatbed Trailer for Sale

  • Blanking

  • Small Part Welding

  • Main Beam Welding

  • Frame Welding

  • Fitting

  • Painting

  • Final Assembly

  • Debugging


Blanking of 40 ft 45 ft Flatbed Trailer for Sale

The blanking process includes profile sawing, sheet shearing, bending, and flame cutting.

  • Before blanking, the size of the material must be checked. Sheet materials have plate thickness requirements. For example, profiles such as square tubes have wall thickness requirements, especially for cargo fence trailers. The amount of square tubes needed during production is relatively large so dimensions, wall thicknesses, and batches of materials should be checked before blanking. Different batches of materials have different dimensions, wall thicknesses and even substances. Pay attention to these differences to ensure the quality of cutting materials and avoid material waste.

  • If there is no angle requirement for profile cutting, try to ensure the verticality of the port section.

  • If the error is between 0 and -2, try to reduce the tolerance as much as possible. Add that, punching is not considered blanking. Very often the workshop workload is not large so this process is also distributed into blanking groups to finish. There are several cross beams, usually 4, which need to be drilled. When drilling, the positions of these holes should be lower with distance from the lower edge being 20mm.



Small Part Welding of 40 ft 45 ft Flatbed Trailer for Sale

  • In order to facilitate centralized production, parts that are often repeated are processed as small parts. Small parts include side boards, fences, integral fences, tool boxes, ladders, tarpaulin racks, side guards, side guard tripods, spare tire racks, columns and column boxes, and lock heads.

  • Deburring These small parts are all welded from individual parts. Some are cut by a grinder and

  • some are gas cutting parts. The burrs are relatively large. The shearing machine may sometimes have burrs due to the gap between the knives. Therefore, the burrs, including the orifice burrs, must be polished before welding.

  • For parts such as side boards, fences, and integral fences, the first thing to do when welding is to ensure the correct overrall shape and diagonal dimensions. The external dimension is generally reduced by the tolerance of 0 to -3mm, and the diagonal tolerance is less than or equal to 3. Second, it is required that the entire board surface should be neat, not twisted or deformed, so try to put it on a relatively flat platform when welding. Place the frame on the platform first, calibrate the dimensions and diagonal lines, spot welding, and then calibrate. After making sure everything is fine, spot-weld reinforcement, and then place the corrugated plate or the horizontal and vertical braces in the middle according to the size requirements. It is also necessary to spot-weld first to see if the corrugated plate is flush with the outer edge, and whether the horizontal and vertical braces are skewed.

  • Parts such as ladders including detachable ladders and cloth racks including detachable racks need to be folded.

  • They should be folded or bent and checked before welding. The arc should be consistent to ensure that there is no distortion or deformation after welding of small parts, and that all horizontal and vertical supports are not skewed.



Welding of Side Guards

  • Since the side protection is relatively long and the sheet material is relatively thin, it is easy to deform when welding. Therefore, the method of broken welding needs to be applied with welding length at about 15mm. Even if the length of the weld is greater than 40mm, segmented welding should still be used, and do not finish welding all at once to avoid distortion.

  • Welding of other parts, especially thin plates such as columns, needs to be segmented welding even if continuous welding is required.



Welding of Main Beam

Main beam welding is an important part of semi-trailer production and it is also a key process. The weight of the cargo including the weight of the box is all borne by the main beam. Therefore, while the main beam structure is required to provide sufficient strength, we are also required to ensure the quality of the main beam during production.


Main Beam Welding of 40 ft 45 ft Flatbed Trailer for Sale

  • Gas-cutting of the web beam

  • Assembly of main beam

  • Submerged arc welding

  • Calibration of main beam.



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