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40 ft Heavy Duty Flatbed Semi Trailer for Sale Philippines

Production Time: Approximately 30 Working Days 
Packaging: SKD/CKD 
Shipping Method: Sea/Land 
Material: Q345B (Customizable) 
Axles: 1, 2, 3 (Customizable) 
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty for Main Structure 
Brand: Vehicle Master 
Size: 40ft
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Features of Heavy Duty Flatbed Semi Trailer

We have our own unique definition of the quality requirements of 40 ft Heavy Duty Flatbed Semi Trailer. Especially for the Philippine market, heavy duty flatbed semi Trailer needs to adapt to the rapidly growing market in the Philippines as soon as possible. The heavy-duty Flatbed Trailer produced by us has its own characteristics after adapting to the needs of the market.


The size of this heavy duty flatbed trailer is 40 ft

  • Finite Element analysis is performed to heavy duty flatbed trailer to increase performance.

  • The whole flatbed semi trailer body is applied with electrophoresis painting that can last up to 10 years in the Philippine market.

  • High strength full thickness steel with titanium content of 0.98‰, which maximizes beam and frame’s toughness and strength. Such steel strength can support heavy cargo. This is a distinguishing feature of 40 ft heavy trailers. Although it is not something that can be seen with the naked eye, as a professional trailer manufacturer, it must be done.

  • 42 tough rib design that ensures the safety and required carrying capacity of the trailer. The heavy-duty trailers we export to the Philippine market are strictly required to control the quality, and many inferior semi trailers cannot achieve the 42-rib design.

  • Stable and long-lasting hydraulic support system. This will make heavy-duty flatbed trailers brake sensitive and operate smoothly. The hydraulic system is like the blood of the human body on the trailer. Only when it is unimpeded can it withstand the test of various transportation environments. In the Philippines, when you purchase 40 ft heavy-duty semi trailers for sale, you must consider that the Philippines has seas, mountains, and transportation scenarios in various extreme environments.

Specifications of Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer

The following content is the detailed parameters of the heavy-duty Flatbed semi Trailer shown in the photo. Some parameters are not unique. If you are from the Philippines and are engaged in the transportation industry, or want to start your own trailer logistics company and need to customize some functions or add accessories, then we will also give reasonable suggestions from the perspective of safety and practicality. Because your needs may not really adapt to the Philippine market.


"40 ft heavy-duty Flatbed semi Trailer taillight"

Dimension Overview


12,400mm , 40 ft





Structure Specification

Main beam

Material Q345B.

Fabricated “H” beam height 500mm

Top flange thickness 14mm

Middle web thickness 6mm

Bottom flange thickness 16mm

Thickness Of Platform


Welding Standard

National Level Welding Supervisor. Meanwhile, cooperate automatic welding machine. More 30 minutes per process than normal welding time. Ensure the best welding results.


Shot blast at Standard SA 2.5 prior to application of primer, polyurethane top coat. Total DFT not less than 100um.

Main Parts


Common Mechanical with 13*90mm*10 pieces springs


3pcs*13-ton capacity, optional brands

Brake system:

Dual line pneumatic brake, SAE hose and connector

Brake chamber:

4 units T30/30 spring brake chambers, 2 units T30 brake chambers


12R22.5,12pcs, optional brands


9.0 steel disc wheel, 10 holes ISO, 12 pcs

King pin

2’or 3.5’ Optional, bolted type

Twist lock

12 sets twist locks

Landing gear:

28T one speed telescopic manual landing gear

Electrical System


24 Volt


7-way socket SAE standard, China

Front marker lamp:


Side marker lamp:

White & Red

Rear lamp:


Turn signal lamp:



Per customer requirement


Electric cable protected by PVC conduit on main frame

Spare Parts

Mud guard:

Steel mud guard

Spare wheel carriers:

2 pcs

Tool box:

1 pcs

Rope hook

20 pcs

We manufacture heavy duty flatbed semi trailers with the intention for sale them. As long as everything is conducive to adapting to the trailer design and behavior of the Philippine market, we will try our best to meet it.

How to spray Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer

Because the Flatbed Trailer is a heavy-duty machine, special spraying equipment is required for vehicle spraying. The trailer spraying equipment configured in our factory is as high as more than 1 million. In the Philippine market, we act as an agent for our heavy duty flatbed semi trailer distributor, purchase trailers for sale, and have high requirements for vehicle spraying. Let's introduce the electrophoretic spraying process of our trailer.


  • Step 1: Electrolyze the coating to form a film.

The water-based coting is dissociated into a water-soluble film forming material, which can form a film in water and spread to the opposite electrode in a direct current electric field. It precipitates on the surface of the object to form a coating film.

  • Step 2: Clean up impurities on the surface of the trailer.

The pre-treatment is to remove all impurities such as oil stains and rust on the surface of 40 ft heavy duty flatbed semi trailer. The corresponding process is washing, degreasing, and pickling. The purpose is to form a layer on the surface of treated substrate to improve the workpiece. The non-metallic conversion coating provides corrosion protection.

  • Step 3: Touch.

The last step is the final touch. Place the workpiece, which can be a part or the entire frame of the flatbed semi trailer, into environment of 180 degrees for 30 minutes. This is to ensure the best adhesive result of the primer.

"Vehicle Master's Advanced Painting System"

After the above steps, the spraying and hanging paint of the whole semi trailer is completed. According to the experience of previous Filipino customers, many customers have to paint their favorite colors on the trailer. We will also do our best to accommodate requests.

If you are from the Philippines, are engaged in trailers and other related industries, are looking for trailer manufacturers, bulk purchases or customized 40 ft heavy flatbed semi trailer for sale, then we will be one of your best choices.

The Philippines is an important market country for us, and our 40 ft heavy-duty flatbed semi trailers have received good market feedback. Looking forward to your cooperation.


Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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