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40ft 20ft Chassis for Container Transport

Production Time: Approximately 30 Working Days 
Packaging: SKD/CKD 
Shipping Method: Sea/Land 
Material: Q345B (Customizable) 
Axles: 1, 2, 3 (Customizable) 
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty for Main Structure 
Brand: Vehicle Master
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Skeleton semi trailer, also known as container transport trailer or container chassis and usually at 40ft and 20ft, is considered the very fundamental structure of most other types of semi trailers. When looking at a skeleton trailer, all the basic structural frame such as the main beam and cross beams can be seen quite clearly. Trailers such as flatbed trailer, lowbed trailer, side wall trailer, and fence trailers all have the common structural element of skeleton trailers. For instance, when adding some boarder frame and a platform on top of the skeleton trailer, we have the flatbed trailer. Cargo side wall and fence trailers are trailers with side boards and fence structure added on top of a flatbed trailer.


Dimension of 40ft 20ft Chassis for Container Transport

Being the lightest comparing to the other types of semi trailers, the main purpose of container transport chassis is to transport different sizes of containers. The most common seen sizes of are 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft. Sometimes, there are also the 48ft skeleton trailers, which are not seen very often, but Vehicle Master can make the skeleton at this dimension according to customer’s requirement with high quality.


20ft Container Transport Chassis

The 20ft container transport chassis normally has 4 or 8 container twist locks and can be used to transport 20ft containers. 3 axles, 2 axles or a single axle can be optioned for the 20ft skeleton trailer according to customer’s need. These skeleton trailers can be as light as about 3.5T. The commonly seen lengths and widths for 3 axle and 2 axle 20ft skeleton trailers are:

  • 3-axle: 8500mm*2480mm

  • 2-axle: 7000mm*2480mm or 7600mm*2480



40ft Container Transport Chassis

The 40ft container transport chassis has 12 container twist locks and can be used to transport one 40ft container, one 20ft container, or two of the 20ft containers at the same time. Q345 or T700 material can be used for the main bean with the typical dimension of 12mm for upper flange, 5mm or 6mm in thickness and 500mm in height for middle plate, and 16mm for lower flange. Some of the often seen specifications for the 40ft skeleton trailers are 13t axle, 9.0*22.5 rim, 12R22.5-16PR tire, 10*13mm spring plates, and metal mud guard.

45ft Container Transport Chassis

The 45ft container transport chassis can be used to transport one 45ft container, one 40ft container, one 20ft container, or two of the 20ft containers at the same time. When transporting a single 20ft container with the 40ft skeleton trailer or 45ft skeleton trailer, the container should be placed in the middle of the trailer to have a balanced weight distribution.



Different Types of Chassis for Container Transport

While most of the 40ft and 20ft container transport chassis are straight type, the gooseneck container chassis are also used for heavy weight containers or high containers due to their lower and steadier center of gravity. The height of the middle plate for the main beam is usually increased to 550mm for stronger capacity and better resistance when transporting two 20ft containers. The typical saddle height for matching tractor head is usually 1280mm, while the cargo platform can be lowered down to 1400mm.

Special Specification for Chassis for Container Transport

The feature of front axle lifted is usually seen on different types of 3 axle semi trailers. It can also be added to 40ft and 20ft container transport chassis as needed. With this feature, the front axle can be lifted when the trailer is not loaded to efficiently decrease unnecessary wear for tires and increase the fuel economy for tractor heads.

Terminal Chassis for Container Transport

40ft and 20ft terminal chassis for container transport are of a special branch of skeleton trailers that can only be used with in terminals and ports. This type of skeleton trailers is used to transport containers for a short distance and require easy and fast process of loading and unloading the containers. Instead of container twist locks, bars and rails are designed and installed around the trailer and the steel plates, while the beams on terminal trailers are often thickened for higher loading capacity comparing to ordinary skeleton semi trailers. Furthermore, the techonlogy andn production requirement for 40ft and 20ft terminal skeleton trailers are much higher than those for regular skeleton trailers. This is also where Vehicle Master differenciates itself from other semi trailer manufacturers, who do not have the capability nor the technology to produce sophisticated trailers such as the terminal skeleton trailers.


This picture shows our 40ft Chassis for Container Transport for our customers. Our Chassis for Container Transport has undergone strict process and design.



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