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40ft Flatbed Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

Do you need a semi-trailer capable of transporting various goods, including containers or bulk cargo? This 40ft flatbed trailer is designed to meet your needs.
Price: Factory Price. Get A Free Quote.
Length: 40ft (Customizable)
Axle: 2 / 3 / 4 Axles (Customizable)
Capacity: 30T - 80T (Customizable)
Production Time: 15 Working Days

Email: Bowen@vehiclemaster.com
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Product Introduction: 40ft Flatbed Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

This 40ft flatbed trailer is a versatile and reliable transportation solution, designed for the efficient transport of various types of goods. The open deck allows for the transportation of containers or bulk cargo. Constructed with high-quality steel and high-performance components, it achieves optimal payload capacity, providing excellent durability and adaptability. It is an ideal choice for logistics, construction, and general freight industries.

40ft Flatbed Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

Customizable Parameters of 40ft Flatbed Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

Product Name

40ft Flatbed Trailer for Sale in Nigeria


20ft / 40ft / 45ft


2 Axles/3 Axles /4 Axles

Container Loading

1*40ft Container / 2*20ft Container / 1*45ft Container

Loading Capacity

20 - 80 Tons


Gooseneck / Tandem


Q345 / T700



Axle Brand


Tire Brand

Linglong / Triangle / DoubleCoin / Bridgestone / Other Brand

Twist Lock

4 Sets or 12 Sets

Main features of 40ft Flatbed Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

  • High Payload Capacity: With a length of 40 feet, this flatbed trailer offers spacious cargo space, providing a solution for loading and transporting various types of goods. It ensures efficient logistics planning and economically efficient transportation of multiple goods, offering flexibility for irregularly shaped or oversized items.

  • Robust Structure: Constructed with high-strength materials, the flatbed trailer ensures durability and structural integrity, capable of withstanding the challenges of long-distance transportation. It enhances the trailer's lifespan and resistance to environmental factors.

  • Versatility in Cargo Loading and Unloading: The open flatbed design provides multiple loading options, allowing the transportation of goods of various sizes and configurations. This versatility makes it suitable for transporting machinery, construction materials, steel coils, and other oversized or irregularly shaped items.

  • Cargo Securing Mechanisms: The 40ft flatbed trailer is equipped with container twist locks, multiple lashing points, winches, and chain hooks, providing options for securing different types of cargo. This ensures the stable transportation of various sizes and shapes of goods, reducing the risk of damage.

  • Safety Features: Reflective markings and lighting systems improve visibility, ensuring compliance with safety regulations for highway and cross-border transportation.

  • Advanced Suspension System: Optionally available with mechanical or air suspension systems, capable of absorbing shocks and vibrations, providing smooth and stable driving, and reducing wear on the trailer and towing vehicle.

  • Comprehensive Lighting and Reflective Markings: The 40ft flatbed trailer is equipped with various safety measures, including LED lighting systems and reflective markings. These elements enhance visibility for safe operations during both day and night.

40ft Flatbed Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

40ft Flatbed Trailer for Sale in Nigeria

This 40ft flatbed trailer is ready to be shipped to Nigeria, and the customer is already a loyal client of Vehicle Master, making it his third purchase. Not only is he a customer, but he has also become our friend. For this particular purchase, he opted for customized air suspension and a red paint finish, and we provided him with a factory price. He is highly satisfied with the quality and pricing of our products, expressing his intention to continue choosing our offerings. We appreciate his trust and support.


Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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