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40ft Flatbed Trailer

Price: Factory Price. Get A 10% off.

Length: 40ft (Customizable)
L*W*H: 12400mm*2500mm*1600mm
Axle: 2 / 3 / 4 Axles (Customizable)
Capacity: 30T - 80T (Customizable)
Production Time: 15 Working Days
Packaging: SKD/CKD

Email: Bowen@vehiclemaster.com
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Product Introduction: 40ft Flatbed Trailer

In our partnership, there is a common need for a versatile transportation solution capable of handling both container transport and the shipment of large goods or machinery. The 40ft flatbed trailer produced by Vehicle Master is your best choice. It is a robust and adaptable vehicle designed for the secure transport of various goods, maximizing payload capacity and facilitating efficient loading and unloading for both oversized and conventional cargo.

40ft Flatbed Trailer

Specifications of 40ft Flatbed Trailer

Product Name

40ft Flatbed Trailer


2 Axles /3 Axles /4 Axles

Loading Capacity

30 - 80 Tons


Gooseneck / Tandem


Q345 / T700


1*40ft / 2*20ft




12R22.5 (8/12 Pieces)

King Pin


Landing Gear

28 Ton Two Speed

Twist Lock

4 Sets / 12 Sets

Vehicle Painting

Electrophoresis Painting

Key Features of 40ft Flatbed Trailer

  • Spacious 40-Foot Deck: Our flatbed trailer, measuring 40 feet in length, provides expansive and unobstructed deck space. It can accommodate standard-sized containers, machinery, construction materials, and oversized cargo, effectively optimizing the efficiency of goods transportation.

  • Sturdy Structure: Constructed with high-strength materials and reinforced chassis and beams, the flatbed trailer boasts a robust structure capable of withstanding the rigorous demands of heavy-duty transportation. This ensures durability, longevity, and the ability to handle heavy loads and challenging terrains, contributing to the overall reliability of the trailer.

  • Extendable Twist Locks: Equipped with extendable twist locks, securing and stabilizing cargo becomes a seamless process. These locks facilitate efficient and secure loading and unloading, providing the flexibility required for the safe transport of containers of various sizes.

  • Cargo Fastening Mechanism: Featuring multiple lashing points, winches, and chain hooks, the trailer offers options for securing different types of cargo. This ensures that the load is securely fastened during transportation, minimizing the risk of movement or damage.

  • Heavy-Duty Suspension System: Fitted with a heavy-duty suspension system, the trailer absorbs shocks and vibrations, delivering a smooth and stable ride while reducing wear and tear on both the trailer and the towing vehicle.

40ft Flatbed Trailer

How to Purchase a 40ft Flatbed Trailer at an Affordable Price?

  • Direct Factory Purchase: Opt for buying directly from the manufacturer. Purchasing through Vehicle Master will eliminate intermediary costs, allowing you to buy the flatbed trailer at the factory price. Dealing directly with the factory can enhance transparency and save costs.

  • Take Advantage of Promotions: Now is the opportune time to buy trailers from Vehicle Master as they currently have promotional prices, offering a 10% discount.

  • Bulk Ordering: Secure significant discounts through bulk purchases. Vehicle Master provides favorable prices for customers placing large orders or direct purchases, ensuring cost-effective acquisitions.

40ft Flatbed Trailer


Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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