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45 ft Flatbed Trailer for Sale China

Production Time: Approximately 30 Working Days 
Production Time: Sea/Land 
Packaging: SKD/CKD 
Shipping Method: Sea/Land 
Material: Q345B (Customizable) 
Axles: 1, 2, 3 (Customizable) 
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty on Main Structure 
Brand: Vehicle Master 
Size: 45ft
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If you are buying a 45 ft Flatbed Trailer for Sale in bulk, choosing a good Flatbed Trailer supplier is paramount.Main beam welding is an important part of 45 ft Flatbed Trailer production and it is also a key process. The weight of the cargo including the weight of the box is all borne by the main beam. Therefore, while the main beam structure is required to provide sufficient strength, we are also required to ensure the quality of the main beam during production.

The Production Process of 45 ft Flatbed Trailer

The production of 45 ft Flatbed Trailer includes the following few steps:

  1. Blanking

  2. Welding of Small Pieces

  3. Main Beam Welding

  4. Frame Welding

  5. Fitting

  6. Painting

  7. Final Assembly

  8. Debugging

You buy 45 ft Flatbed Trailer for Sale in bulk, then a good Flatbed Trailer supplier will provide Flatbed semi Trailer produced through a rigorous manufacturing process in China. Every 45 ft Flatbed Trailer undergoes rigorous quality inspection.

These can help you save after-sales costs and reduce unnecessary troubles.


 In the video above, we have finished 45 ft Flatbed Trailer ready for sale.

Welding of Main Beam for 45 ft Flatbed Trailer 

We are a professional flatbed trailer manufacture in China. The trailer will definitely be welded and built to established standards. Main beam welding is an important part of 45 ft flatbed trailer production and it is also a key process. The weight of the cargo including the weight of the box is all borne by the main beam. Therefore, while the main beam structure is required to provide sufficient strength, we are also required to ensure the quality of the main beam during production.

The welding of main beam is divided into four steps:

  • Gas-cutting of the cross beam

  • Assembly of main beam

  • Submerged arc welding

  • Calibration of main beam.

Each of our 45 ft Flatbed Trailer for sale has gone through the above steps of main beam welding. Our current manufacturing equipment can help us better improve the quality of the 45 ft Flatbed Trailer. I believe that when you purchase Flatbed Trailer for sale, the first thing you must pay attention to is this strict manufacturing process and equipment.

You won't be disappointed with our 45 ft Flatbed Trailer for sale now made.


All of our trailers are manufactured in our factory in China. Of course, the trailer is shipped from China. Because we manufacture trailers with very professional and experienced workers. When you purchase our 45 ft flatbed trailer, in many cases there is a certain customization requirement, then we will definitely make it according to the agreed drawings. Then the beam gas cutting must be in accordance with the drawing requirements.

  • Communicate with the programmer to clarify the compensation value of different materials and control the size.

  • Select the cutting method according to the thickness of the material, adjust the distance between the cutting nozzle and the plate, the size of the flame, and the cutting speed. Make sure the cut surface is as vertical as possible.

  • Make overall planning before cutting to improve the utilization rate of plates and reduce waste.

  • Since the environment of the equipment may not be the best, attention should be paid to the maintenance of the equipment while doing well in personnel protection and safety work. The equipment also needs to be in top shape. Clean up the dust on the console in time, and regularly add lubricating oil to the rolling or sliding parts.

The above is the main point of the 45 ft flatbed trailer beam gas cutting, and each step is strictly implemented. These technical essentials are mainly for you to see that we are a real flatbed trailer manufacturer with strict production process. If you want to purchase 45 ft flatbed trailer for sale in bulk, you will definitely need such a supplier with strict process management.

This not only ensures the quality of the 45 ft flatbed trailer, but also guarantees your delivery time.


Assemble main beam for 45 ft flatbed trailer

Below is the manufacturing process and workmanship of the main beam of the flatbed trailer in our China factory. The main beam is the core skeleton of the 45 ft flatbed trailer, which must be paid attention to during the production process. First remove the burrs and rust on the beam, hang the upper and lower wings on the main beam welding mold, adjust the height of the web angle, and hoist the beam between the upper and lower wings.

When assembling, it is mainly to ensure the perpendicularity of the flange and the beam and the symmetry of the flange relative to the beam.


Submerged Arc Welding

Submerged arc welding is to weld both sides at the same time. When welding, ensure that the welding seam is at the center of the junction of the hand web and the wing plate. The welding cannot be offset and should be uniform, which is especially important during the process. Clean up the welding slag in time, observe the quality of the welding seam, and do not have bad phenomena such as pores and uneven welding.

Beam Calibration

Beam Calibration is also a very important step, which will not be discussed here.

To be honest, Chinese suppliers are awesome!


Fitting of 45 ft Flatbed Trailer

When assembling the main parts for fitting for 45 ft flatbed trailer, pay attention that the vertical column must be erected when welding. First of all, the beam should be straight and the gap should be even and no more than 4mm. When welding the column between every two columns, a diagonal line less or equal to 4mm should be pulled. The gap between the columns should be uniform.


To prevent the main beam from deforming:

  • Be careful not to deform the side protection assembly.

  • The distance from side protection to the front and rear outriggers should be less or equal to 250.

  • Pay attention to the height from the ground. On he side with the tool box, the side protection should be on the same surface as the outer surface of the tool box.


Once the fitting is completed, additional checks need to be performed.

  1. Check all welding parts and cutting parts of the trailer body and clean up the welding slag and fuse welding wire. Grind the solder joints protruding from the surface of the car body or with large protrusions to be flush with the periphery. Grind the flame-cut parts, especially the outwardly protruding parts, which must be smooth. Sharp corners are prohibited.

  2. Check the parts inside and outside the trailer that are easily accessible during collision The parts used (our self-made or machined parts) are not allowed to have sharp corners. Otherwise, the rounded corners should be polished or the parts should be replaced before painting.



Spray Painting of 45 ft Flatbed Trailer

  • Degreased

  • Before painting, inspect the inside and outside of the 45ft Flatbed Trailer for rust. Polish and clean any visible rust.

  • Inspect the exterior and interior of the 45ft Flatbed Trailer cabin, including rebar seams at all corners and bottom of side doors

  • In the gap, remove all dust, iron filings, tape and other debris;

  • Apply the sealant evenly to the joint between the core board and the column, and between the core boards.

  • Inspect Flatbed trailer body surface, treat and sand down pits

  • Wipe all surfaces to be painted with a clean white cloth;



Final Assembly and Debugging of 45 ft Flatbed Trailer

Parts such as side lights, tail lights, position lights and light lines, doors, sealing strips, air hooks, lock bars, fenders, reflective signs, tail signs are finally 45 ft Flatbed Trailer installed.


The above is the entire 45-foot flatbed trailer manufacturing process and assembly process.

For the order process of 45-foot flatbed trailer, first discuss the detailed parameters of the trailer with our experts. We will design the trailer drawings, and finally please confirm.

After we signed the agreement, your company paid the advance payment and we started to place the order to produce the 45 ft flatbed trailer.

We will complete the production, installation and commissioning of the 45 ft flatbed trailer within the agreed time, and deliver it on time. Your company will pay the balance and get the bill of lading.

You can buy one before you buy the 45 ft flatbed trailer for sale in bulk. When the goods are received, they will be purchased in bulk. This helps us build trust. Later you can buy the 45 ft flatbed trailer for sale in bulk.

We are an honest supplier and manufacturer from China, we are looking forward to cooperating with you in China.


Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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