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45000 L Fuel Tanker

A fuel tanker with a capacity of 45000 liters can transport a large amount of fuel. This kind of tanker is commonly used for transporting fuel to gas stations or other fuel distribution centers. It is essential for ensuring a continuous supply of fuel to meet the demands of various industries and consumers.
Product Name: 45000 L Fuel Tanker
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45000 L Fuel Tanker


Featuring a robust construction and advanced safety measures, the 45000 L fuel tanker ensures the secure transportation of flammable liquids. Its durable materials safeguard against leakage or spillage, minimizing the risk of accidents and environmental damage.

The 45000 L fuel tanker is built to withstand harsh road conditions and extreme weather, making it a reliable choice for long-distance journeys. Engineered with stability and balance in mind, it offers a smooth and controlled ride, minimizing the risk of accidents during transit.

Safety is a top priority, and the 45000 L fuel tanker incorporates various safety features, such as emergency shut-off valves, spillage containment systems, and comprehensive fire prevention mechanisms, ensuring the secure transportation of fuel.

In conclusion, the 45000 L fuel tanker is an indispensable asset in the fuel supply chain. With its ample capacity, robust construction, advanced technology, and focus on safety, it enables the smooth and efficient distribution of fuel, ensuring a reliable and continuous supply to meet the demands of various industries and consumers.

45000 L Fuel Tanker


Here are some key parameters for a 45000 L fuel tanker:

Capacity: 45000 liters (or 45 cubic meters)


Length: approximately 10-12 meters

Width: 2.4-2.6 meters

Height: 2.8-3 meters 

Weight:  7-12 tons

Material:  stainless steel, aluminum alloy, or carbon steel

Axle configuration: single axle or multiple axles

Safety features: May include emergency shut-off valves, anti-rollover systems, spillage containment systems, and fire suppression systems 

Please note that these are general parameters, and for precise specifications, it is best to consult with us, we can provide you with detailed information for specific models or brands.

Whatsapp/Tel: +86 18866100060

Email: bowen@vehiclemaster.com

45000 L Fuel Tanker


1. Increased capacity for transporting large quantities of fuel, ensuring a steady supply.

2. Efficient distribution of fuel, minimizing the need for frequent refueling.

3. Constructed with sturdy materials, reducing the risk of leakage or spillage.

4. Advanced safety features for secure transportation of flammable liquids.

5. Compliance with regulations governing the transportation of fuel.

6. Versatile for transporting various types of fuel.

7. Cost-effective by minimizing transportation costs and improving efficiency.

45000 L Fuel Tanker


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