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50000L water tanker trailer

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50000L water tanker trailer
While maintaining the quality of the goods, the liquid tanker trailer has the advantages of large load capacity and high transportation efficiency. They also reduce labor costs and intensity, and improve loading and unloading conditions. The water tank trailer is a low-pressure tank trailer with an internal pressure of less than 0.09mpa, and is often used as a large sprinkler by the municipal government. Especially the 50000L water tank trailer is especially popular.


The large sprinklers we often see on the road are hose trailers. This liquid water hose trailer can be customized in various capacities according to the occasion, the most common sprinkler capacity is 50000L. It usually plays a very important role in road cleaning and environmental greening, especially in hot summer. It can also be used to cool roads. It can also be used to reduce dust pollution when the air is not good.

Water trailers are designed to carry potable and non-potable water. During the production of such trailers, the fuel tank was mounted on the chassis. Its closed design ensures dust control and thus water quality. Oil tank trailers of different sizes can be customized, and the water tank trailer is a low-pressure tank trailer with an internal pressure below 0.09mpa. The 50000L oil tanker trailer produced by Vehicle Master adopts advanced design concepts. Making the most durable wheels possible considering the road conditions. Making your transport safe also goes a long way.


Vehicle Master offers water tanker trailers in carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum. The volume of the water tanker transport semi-trailer can be customized, up to 40,000 liters, 45,000 liters, 50,000 liters, up to 90,000 liters. Have different compartments, such as two, three, four or more compartments, to hold different liquids.

The cross-section of the vehicle master water tank trailer is a small arc of international standard, which makes the force on the tank more uniform and stronger. The thickness of the board reaches the international standard. The box structure has a low center of gravity and excellent performance and stability. A heel protector is installed on the top of the tank to improve vehicle safety. The loading and unloading system is designed according to European standards, which is safe and environmentally friendly. Anti-skid design for ladders and roof walkways. The protection material is high-strength steel with a large distance to prevent drilling and collisions and improve vehicle safety.

Advantages of Vehicle Master Water Tank Trailer

1. Best steel material, good mechanical properties, reliable welding, high strength and light weight

2. The weight is the lightest, the high-strength steel fuel tank is greatly reduced, and the frame is optimized for different road conditions.

3. Unique structure

4. High volume ratio

5. Low residue rate, saving cost and increasing efficiency

In the process of active innovation and bold breakthrough, we aim to become one of the world's leading three-axle 30,000-50,000L water tank semi-trailer companies, and continue to meet customer needs with high-quality services and products! We will treat and complete every work and service with heart, and give timely feedback to every inquiry and suggestion from customers. We will be realistic and sincere, create a brilliant enterprise, repay the society and contribute to users. Any need of 50000 liters stainless steel oil tank truck, please consult us for free.


What should be paid attention to when using this 50000L large capacity water tank trailer?

First of all, if you use this water tank trailer in winter, you must pay attention to the problem that the road may be icy, because the temperature in winter is relatively low. If this sprinkler is used in large quantities, it will cause loss of vehicle control. Cause hidden danger to driving safety. If the sprinklers are operating in the early mornings in winter, the mornings will freeze because of the cooler temperatures. When people travel during peak hours, traffic accidents are prone to occur, which brings inconvenience to normal travel. Therefore, if watering work is carried out in winter, very special measures must be taken. For example, when the temperature is below a few degrees, watering work cannot be done, and other types of cleaning vehicles must be used.

Secondly, when using a water tank trailer, be careful not to spill water on pedestrians or cyclists, not only to control the appropriate speed, but also to control the sending and receiving when spraying water. Pedestrians must stop spraying water to keep others from getting wet. If it is serious, it may cause a lot of controversy.

Then you need to pay attention to the time when you use the water tank trailer, and don't do any work during peak hours, so as not to affect the traffic.

Every detail is thoughtful, and every production process is carefully supervised and effectively controlled by our excellent quality inspectors. Strict quality control enables us to produce the perfect fuel tanker semi-trailer to meet your needs and create benefits for you.


You can contact Vehicle Master, we are Water Tanker Trailer Manufacturer and Supplier from China. You become our trailer agent, and we provide comprehensive after-sales service solutions.

Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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