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Aluminum Tanker Trailers For Sale

Production Time: Approximately 30 Working Days
Packaging: SKD/CKD
Shipping Method: Sea/Land
Material: Q345B (Customizable)
Axles: 1, 2, 3 (Customizable)
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty on Main Structure 
Brand: Vehicle Master
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Aluminum tanker trailer is mostly made of Aluminum alloy. Even though the cost to make an Aluminum tanker trailer is a lot higher than stainless steel and carbon steel, it is still frequently used among tanker trailers due to its light weight. It’s mainly used for cooking oil, fuel, and many other kinds of products. While Aluminum tanker trailer’s chassis can be made of Aluminum alloy just like the wheel rims, sometimes it can still be raw materials of stainless steel and carbon steel, which are cheaper than Aluminum.

Advantage of Aluminum Tanker Trailers for Sale

  • Optional carbon/aluminum/stainless steel

  • 20-55 CBM loading capacity. Optional number of compartments: 1 to 9

  • Highly Strengthened steel and titanium with content of 0.98‰ ensures beam and frame’s high durability.

  • Treated with shot blasting process: combination of primer and polyurethane for stronger adhesion. Provides high oxidation resistance.

  • The 42 tough rib design ensures safety and carrying capacity.

  • Specially designed anti-tire abrasion suspension system prevents tire offset after loading and tire abrasion. Easy to disassemble and maintain.

  • National level welding supervision - process takes more 30 minutes than normal welding time.

  • Examined with X-ray to ensure maximum safety.

General Specifications of Aluminum Tanker Trailers for Sale



  • Mechanical/Air suspension

  • American/German type suspension

  • Light duty suspension.


  • Number of compartments: 1 to 9

  • 20 - 56 CBM

Optional Europe System

  • Anti-overflow

  • Oil and gas recovery

  • Bottom loading system

Axle Options

  • Brand options: Vehicle Master/BPW/FUWA

  • American/German type axle

  • Front axle lifted


  • Optional brands per requirement

Water/Fuel Too Box

  • Aluminum/carbon steel

  • Optional water/fuel box

Landing Device

  • Brand options: Vehicle Master/JOST

Misunderstanding of Aluminum Tanker Trailers


In our traditional point of view, aluminum alloy is relatively light, but relatively soft and has low strength. As a matter of fact, it is a misconception. The application of aluminum alloy in vehicles began more than 100 years ago. As early as 1903, the Wright brothers used aluminum alloy on the engine of very first aircraft they invented.  It is also used on space shuttles, ships, cars, trains and other vehicles.

Benefits of Aluminum Tanker Trailers


Light Weight

The density of aluminum is very low at only 2.7g/cm3, and the same volume aluminum alloy is only one third of the weight of steel. The application of aluminum alloy in tanker trailer has tremendously reduced the weight of an entire trailer. For example, if a 45m tanker trailer is made of aluminum alloy, it will have reduced weight as much as 5 tons compared with the same trailer made of steel.



Strong Corrosion Resistance

When it comes to corrosion resistance, steel is incomparable to Aluminum alloy. Tanker trailers made of aluminum alloy can transport all kinds of liquid or chemicals without any protective coating on the inside of the tank. This is also why international petroleum giants such as BP and Shell make it mandatory to use aluminum alloy tanks to transport petroleum. Aluminum alloy tanks have great corrosion resistance, so as to ensure any product’s cleanliness.



High Recovery Value

Due to the high corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy, an aluminum tanker trailer’s body is usually not damaged much after trailer has been scrapped. The recovery value of the tank body is more than 85% of original value.



Long Product Life

Aluminum tanker trailer’s good corrosion resistance means low maintenance cost. This advantage has given Aluminum tanker trailer the edge when the transportation industry is dominated by transporting product that are high corrosive. Therefore, it has become a huge benefit to customers that the service life of Aluminum tanker trailers is a lot longer than steel tankers. According to surveys performed in Europe and North America, the life cycle of an Aluminum tanker trailer is generally 15 to 20 years, while it’s only 7 to 9 years for a steel tanker trailer. Furthermore, thanks to its good corrosion resistance, it’s easy to keep the body of an Aluminum tanker trailer nice and bright all the time, and the cost of repair and maintenance is very low.


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