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Best heavy duty gooseneck trailer

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Best heavy duty gooseneck trailer
Heavy duty gooseneck trailer is a heavy duty transport vehicle commonly used in the world. We are the top 1 heavy duty gooseneck trailer manufacturer in China. We customize heavy duty gooseneck semi-trailers for customers. Specific material, size, parameters can be produced according to customer requirements.

Current conditions of semi trailers in the market

Semi trailers are the main force in the transportation market, especially in long-distance cargo transportation, semi trailers almost dominate the arena. In today's society, our logistics system is quite developed, whether it is transportation or supporting technology, it has reached a relatively high level, such as lightweight, standardization, specialization, intelligence, remote control, etc. In most countries in the world, semi trailers account for almost 70%-80% of the total transportation volume. For example, according to relevant statistics, the sales of semi trailers in Europe this year reached about 680,000 units. It can even be expected that the market share of semi trailers will grow steadily for a long time to come. Therefore, the market demand for semi trailers has always been great. As a semi trailer distributor, it is most important to choose the best semi trailer for your customers. It is not easy to choose the best semi trailer, not only the price is cheap, but the quality is passable. It involves everything. We must conduct in-depth market research to select the best semi-trailer manufacturers and suppliers.

Classification and advantages of semi trailer

According to different application fields, semi trailers are also divided into many types, such as flatbed trailers, gooseneck trailers, concave beam trailers, barn trailers, van trailers, container trailers, dump trailers and so on. Today our article mainly deals with gooseneck trailers. Compared with ordinary trucks, semi trailers can improve transportation efficiency by 30-50%, reduce transportation costs by 30-40%, and reduce fuel consumption by about 20-30%. Of course, this is only a rough estimate. The consumption of better semi trailers is also low, the transportation cost is also reduced, and the transportation efficiency is also high.

Heavy duty trailer

Compared with the light semi-trailer, the heavy duty trailer is heavier and has a larger cargo capacity. The characteristics of heavy duty trailer are its large transportation volume and high transportation efficiency. For some bulk cargo, it must be transported with heavy duty trailer. Heavy duty trailer is a heavy duty transport vehicle commonly used in the world.

Gooseneck trailer

The gooseneck is the raised part in front of the big board that is connected to the traction seat. The traction seat height refers to the vertical height between the traction seat traction pin and the ground. You can find the height of the traction seat by checking the model of the towing head on the Internet. This data is related to the ground height of the trailer you want to do, because the head and the trailer are connected by the towing pin. The quality of gooseneck also directly affects the quality of the entire gooseneck trailer. Best gooseneck trailer must have a best gooseneck.

Heavy duty gooseneck trailer

Among the heavy-duty semi-trailers, the gooseneck semi-trailer is relatively low, and the front looks like a gooseneck. This semi-trailer has no baffles, and the load-bearing point is mainly in the middle and rear of the car. Gooseneck trailers have a wide range of cargo and are suitable for the transportation of various mechanical equipment, large objects, road construction equipment, large tanks, power station equipment and various steels. A good heavy duty gooseneck trailer plays a vital role in the transportation process. So we want to buy the best heavy duty gooseneck trailer. Although a good heavy duty gooseneck trailer is more expensive, it can avoid a lot of trouble later.

Main features of heavy duty gooseneck semi-trailer

The main feature of the heavy duty gooseneck semi-trailer is that the trailer has two loading planes. The front end is 1.8m--2.3m, except for the increase of the distance from the ground at the traction point, the distance between the middle and the rear end is small, which is convenient for loading and unloading heavy goods. The road transportation is stable and suitable for concentrated loads. The difference between a heavy-duty warehouse semi-trailer and a gooseneck semi-trailer is the warehouse The loading plane of the trolley is the same height, and the height of the traction point is the same from the ground. We support customers in customizing heavy duty gooseneck semi-trailers. Specific material, size, parameters can be produced according to customer requirements. We promise to produce the best heavy duty gooseneck semi-trailer for you.

Classification of heavy duty gooseneck container semi-trailers

Large gooseneck container transport semi-trailer (drop deck container chassis): a frame-type semi-trailer specially used for container transportation .

Goose neck container chassis: The goose neck container chassis is a frame-type semi-trailer specially used for container transportation.

At present, the demand for heavy-duty gooseneck container semi-trailers in the market is also increasing. If you need to buy heavy-duty gooseneck container semi-trailers, please contact us. We are the best heavy duty gooseneck container semi-trailer manufacturer in China.

Best heavy duty gooseneck trailer manufacturer

Vehicle Master is the top 1 heavy duty semi trailer manufacturer in China. Our semi trailer category flatbed semi trailer, skeleton semi trailer, lowbed semi trailer, heavy duty dump semi trailer and cargo semi trailer etc. We produce best heavy duty gooseneck trailers for customers.

Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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