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Brief Introduction of Different Types of Semi Trailers Part 2

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Brief Introduction of Different Types of Semi Trailers Part 2
Continuing from our previous article titled “Brief Introduction of Different Types of Semi Trailers Part 1”, now let's further explore the types of semi trailers in part 2.

Part 2 of Different Types of Semi Trailers

There are definitely more than the 8 types of semi-trailers mentioned in our previous article. So we will continue to introduce more types of semi-trailers to you below.


Van Type Trailer

The van semi-trailer series are used for the transportation of household appliances, light textile goods, coal, sand, and other building materials and goods. The trailer body is made of high-strength cold rolled corrugated steel plate with large loading space and reasonable distribution in the box body. It does not have a skeleton structure. The X-shaped pull brace has the characteristics of multi tension, high loading capacity, and light self weight. The trailer box’s opening styles include enclosed type, push-pull open type, tarp pole open type, all of which are easy to operate and meet the diversified and personalized requirements of users.


Light Weight Trailer

As the name suggests, an ultralight semi trailer is a trailer that is much lighter than an ordinary trailer. How light is it? The industry defines it with the same load weight and size, and self weight more than 15% lighter than a ordinary trailer.


Car Carrier Semi Trailer

Car carrier semi trailer is a semi-trailer designed with fence structure. It mainly carries cars, but can also carry passenger cars such as vans, business cars and SUVs.



Tank Trailer

Tank trailer is a semi trailer with tank structure at the loading portion. It is mainly used to transport liquids, bulk materials, and bulk cement.



Oil Tank Trailer

Oil tank semi trailer is mainly used for large-scale oil transportation with capacity generally about 40 to 60 cubic meters. Oil semi trailer usually includes two axle semi trailer and three axle semi trailer. The square tank of oil semi trailer is made of Q235A steel plate. The tank is built with multi-channel reinforced anti wave baffle plate, and the lower end of the baffle plate is provided with through holes to reduce the impact of oil from inside the tank and improve the strength of the tank.



Powder Tank railer

The powder tank semi trailer is a type of trailer designed specially for the transportation of large quantities of dust materials such as bulk cement. Its volume is usually between 35 to 45 cubic meters. It is used for transportation and pneumatic unloading of dry powder materials with particle diameter no more than 0.1mm such as fly ash, cement, lime powder, and ore powder. When the vertical height of unloading reaches 15 meters, the horizontal conveying distance can reach 5 meters.



Bulk Cement Tank Trailer

Bulk cement tank trailer is also called cement tanker and powder tanker truck. It’s a trailer with closed cargo compartment and automatic unloading device for transporting bulk cement. It is mainly used for cement plants, cement warehouses, and large construction sites, which can save a lot of packaging materials and loading and unloading labor.



Chemical Liquid Tank Trailer

Chemical liquid tank semi trailer has different requirements for tank material according to the characteristics of the transported medium.



Gooseneck Semi Trailer

The application of gooseneck semi trailer is also widely seem to carry goods. It is suitable for the transportation of various mechanical equipment, large objects, highway construction equipment, large tanks, power station equipment, and all kinds of steel. Thgis series of trailers include flatbed type, concave beam type, and tire exposed structure. The main beam adopts flat type or gooseneck type. Its frame is stepped type, and the main beam section is I-shaped, which has the characteristics of high stiffness and high strength. The main surface of platform is low, which ensures the stability of transportation for all kinds of construction machinery, large equipment, and steel. The three-axis balanced flexible rigid suspension is adopted, and a mass balance weight is installed between the front and rear leaf springs, which can change the deflection of the front and rear leaf springs by the same amount, and balance the force on the rear axle. The entire vehicle adopts advanced computer-aided design software to achiever maximum optimization that is flexible and diverse. The bearing surface of the frame is designed according to the user's requirements to meet the transportation of various special goods.


Today I introduced 9 types of semi-trailers, plus the 8 types in the previous article, there are 17 types of semi-trailers in total. These basically include all types of semi-trailers.

If you are interested in our semi-trailers, or have any questions about semi-trailers, you can contact us at any time.

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