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Container Chassis

Axles: 2 axles, 3 axles, 4 axles(Customizable)
Length: 20ft/40ft/45ft (Customizable)
Delivery Time: Within 30 working days, Can be expedited
Shipping Method: Sea/Land
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty on Main Structure
Price: Direct factory. Order now and get 10% off
WhatsApp: +86-18866100060​​​​​​
Email: Bowen@vehiclemaster.com
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In modern logistics and container transportation systems, container chassis trailers account for a very large proportion. They are the backbone for efficiently transporting containers between ports, warehouses and distribution centers, enabling seamless movement of goods across all modes of transport, including ships, trains and trucks.

Container Chassis

Specification of container chassis

Axle 2 Axles/3 Axles/4 Axles
Chassis Length 45ft/40ft/20ft Container Loading
Loading Capacity 20-80 Tons
Type Gooseneck or Tandem

7000mm*2480mm*1560mm (20ft)

12400mm*2480mm*1580mm (40ft)

13950mm*2500mm*1600mm (45ft)


12R22.5 (8/12 Pieces)  (20ft)

12R22.5 (12/16 Pieces) (40ft-45ft)

Material Q345/T700
Painting Electrophoresis Painting
Shipping Method Sea/Land
Warranty 1 Year Warranty on Main Structure

What are the advantages of the container chassis produced by Vehicle Master?

  • The container chassis produced by Vehicle Master are designed with high-strength steel to ensure longevity and reliability in the most demanding transportation conditions. They are designed to withstand the rigors of long-distance transport.

  • Vehicle Master manufactures container chassis to accommodate a variety of container sizes, including 20-foot, 40-foot and 45-foot containers, making them suitable for a variety of cargo types.

  • Vehicle Master can customize the adjustable axles and steering system for easy maneuvering even in tight spaces.

Container Chassis

Application of container chassis

  • Ports and terminals: Container chassis are a common sight in ports and terminals around the world, where they play a vital role in loading and unloading cargo from ships.

  • Railway intermodal transportation facilities: They are used in intermodal rail facilities to transfer containers from ships to trains and vice versa.

  • Long distance freight: Container chassis are critical for transporting containers overland to their final destination.

Container Chassis

The container chassis produced by Vehicle Master represents the pinnacle of efficiency, durability and safety in container transportation. With 40 years of experience in the production and export of semi-trailers, they are sold at factory prices. Each semi-trailer will undergo strict quality inspections before leaving the factory, and a one-year warranty on the main structure is provided.

Container Chassis


Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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