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Design Requirement for Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale Part 1

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Design Requirement for Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale Part 1
Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer need to have the carrying and transportation capacity of general trailers, and also need to be specially designed in combination with the operating conditions and structural characteristics of wreckers, so as to achieve a reasonable match between semi-trailers and wreckers and operate smoothly. Today, the editor will partly explain to you the design requirements for Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale.


Space Requirements of Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale

The special semi-trailer mainly needs to meet the conditions for hauling and the connection is normal and reliable with no interference. In order to improve the stability during loading, the landing gear is generally arranged on the outside of the I-beam. Considering the load bearing force, the landing gear in the front and rear directions are generally arranged in the area of 1 to 3 meters away from the front end of the semi-trailer. The ground clearance when retracting is generally greater than the minimum ground clearance of the semi-trailer. Under this condition, if the landing gear falls to the maximum working range and cannot touch the ground, special sleepers or skids can be used for auxiliary support.

The layout of the guardrail is in accordance with GB11567.1-2001 "Requirements for Side Protection of Automobiles and Trailers", which requires that the side guard height is less than 550mm. Under the condition that the vehicle's passability is not affected, the side guardrail can be designed with a height of 540mm from the ground. Since the fence involves the departure angle and the structure has a tail plate for protection, the tail guard can be removed. The on-board tools are stored in the toolbox. In order to improve the passability of the semi-trailer, the toolbox is generally arranged 500mm near the first front axle. Considering the runout of the axle tires and the mudguard, two toolboxes can be arranged on both sides as needed. If there is a common corrosion-resistant tool such as a main sleeper, the toolbox can be designed hollow without cover. The height of the toolbox from the ground can be consistent with the guardrail and should not be too long, generally arranged at about 2 meters. Normally, the greater the curb weight of the vehicle, the greater the width. In order to improve the bearing capacity of the semi-trailer, the left and right spacing of the main longitudinal beams can be increased as much as possible according to the needs.

The Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer produced and sold by Vehicle Master fully complies with the space requirements mentioned above. The quality of each Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer is guaranteed. 


Frame Assembly Design Requirements of Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale

The parts used to support and fix the semi-trailer are composed of longitudinal beams, cross beams, bearing panels, lifting beams, ladders, etc. These parts bear various weight pressure from inside and outside the semi-trailer. The longitudinal beam is the main bearing part of the frame and is subjected to bending stress during transporting of the semi-trailer. In order to meet the requirements of the semi-trailer off-road transportation and poor road conditions, the longitudinal beam adopts the "I" beam structure with good bending resistance and light weight.

Our designers optimized the Frame Assembly of each Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer on the basis of seeking truth from facts based on years of experience and the above design requirements. So that every trailer we produce can fully meet the needs of customers.



Cross Beam Structure Design Requirements of Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale

The longitudinal beam is the main component that bears the force. I-beams are generally used in the industry. In order to ensure a certain design redundancy, according to the semi-trailer carrying 26 tons, if each axle (including tires, steel rings, leaf springs, etc.) weighs 1 ton, then the weight above the semi-trailer frame is 5.4 tons. After the force analysis of the longitudinal beam, it can be obtained that the maximum bending moment M(x)=10.5 t∙m, the maximum stress F(x)=3.4 t, the material The Q345B used in the industry can be selected, and the yield limit is about 345Mpa.

We use high-quality steel to make each Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer reach the best quality and longest service life. We guarantee that our semi-trailer is absolutely the most cost-effective of similar products.


Ladder Selection and Design of Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale

  • Generally, there are two types of ladders: hydraulic ladders and mechanical ladders. Mechanical ladders generally use spring structures, and the ladders play a supporting role when they rotate from the ground to the vertical direction. The working principle of the hydraulic climbing ladder is that the motor drives the oil pump to rotate, thereby pushing the oil cylinder to expand and contract. Since the fulcrum of the fixed end hinge of the oil cylinder is lower than the fulcrum of the ladder hinge, the oil cylinder will drive the climbing ladder to rotate.

  • The climbing angle of the semi-trailer must not be greater than the departure angle and approach angle of the loaded object. According to the analysis of the loaded object, the departure and approach angles of various types of vehicles are greater than 20°. If the loaded object is construction machinery such as cranes, generally the approach angle and departure angle of truck cranes are very small, and the upper semi-trailer can be loaded by means of temporary slope building or sleepers. Therefore, when the ladder is placed on the ground, the angle from the ground can be 15°~18°, and the departure angle of the semi-trailer is designed to be more than 21°. Because some loaded vehicles have a long wheelbase and a small passing angle in the middle, the transition between the semi-trailer ladder and the bearing surface is included with the ground. The smaller the better, and the length of the bearing surface is taken into account, it can be designed to be 10° to 15°.

    Theoretically, it is the most reasonable to choose a ladder according to the above method. However, if the customer has special requirements, we can completely produce according to the customer's instructions. If there are other production requirements, we can also meet them.


Today, we partly talked about design requirements for Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale. We will finish the rest in the next article. If you have any questions about design requirements for Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale, please contact us. Customers who need to purchase Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer please also contact us.

Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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