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Design Requirement for Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale Part 2

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Design Requirement for Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale Part 2
In the previous article, we analyzed some Design Requirements of Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer. Continuing from the previous article, today we will mainly analyze the Tire and Electric Braking System Requirement for Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale. Hope it can provide some useful information to colleagues who are new to Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer.

Tire Requirements for Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale

Semi truck trailer tires are divided into heavy duty, medium duty, and light duty tires. Ordinary bias tires and radial tires are used in automobiles, especially radial tires are the most widely used. 

Tires play the role of supporting the body, buffering external impacts, and realizing contact with the road surface to ensure the driving of the Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer. It withstands various deformations, loads and high and low temperature tests during driving, which is very important for driving. If the axle is the backbone of the Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer, then the tires are the "shoes" of the Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer, carrying the heavy responsibility of the truck traveling thousands of miles a day. Therefore, Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer has very high requirements on tires. We made sure to get the right tires for the Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Bias Tires

The advantages of bias tires are low tire noise, soft tread, and cheaper price compared to radial tires. Meanwhile, they do have some disadvantages such as having small contact area, large crown slip, poor lateral force resistance, high rolling resistance, high fuel consumption, and poor stability and bearing capacity when driving at high speeds. 

The sandy soil road is soft, and the driving speed is generally low. If the load is light, you can choose bias tires. It provides a larger tire contact surface, and the price of its bias tire is relatively low, which is completely suitable for this road.

Design Requirement-for-Tri-Axle-Skeletal-Trailer.JPG

Advantages of Radial Tires

For the Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale that requires a larger load capacity, it is recommended to choose steel radial tires with inner tubes. Steel wire radial tire (radial tire) radial tire is a structural form of tires, which is different from bias tires, arch tires, pressure-regulating tires, etc. The international code name of radial tire is "R", commonly known as "steel wire tire". In comparison with the bias tires, radial tires have some obvious advantages:

  • They have Larger ground contact area, better adhesion performance, small tread slippage, and smaller unit pressure on the ground so the rolling resistance is small and the service life is long.

  • The tire crown is thick and has a hard belt layer, which is not easy to pierce.

  • The deformation is small when driving, which can reduce the fuel consumption by 3% to 8%.

  • Because the number of plies is small and the sidewall is thin, the heat dissipation performance is better.

  • Large radial elasticity, good buffer performance and large load capacity.


Design Requirement-for-Tri-Axle-Skeletal-Trailer-for-Sale.jpg

Disadvantages of Radial Tires

  • Since the sidewall is thinner and the crown is thicker, cracks are easily formed in the transition area with the sidewall.

  • Due to the soft sidewall, the deformation is large when subjected to lateral force resulting in poor lateral stability of the vehicle.

  • High requirements for radial tire’s manufacturing technology equal to high costs.

Since radial tires are apparently superior to ordinary bias tires, radial tires are also increasingly used in transportation industry.


In China, tire standards include GB9744-2015 of "Truck Trailer Tires" and GB/T2977-2008 of "Truck Trailer Tires Specifications, Dimensions, Air Pressure, and Load". These standards stipulate tire specifications, dimensions, air pressure and load, etc. The total tire bearing capacity should be greater than the total mass of the vehicle is decomposed into the bearing capacity of each tire, but generally not greater than 1.3 times the required bearing capacity.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone: there will be a set of numbers printed on the tire wall outside the tire, and the production date information can be obtained from the last four digits of the sign, which consists of four digits "AABB". The first two digits "AA" indicate the week of the year, and the last two digits "BB" indicate the year. The rubber of the tires stored for too long will age and harden, and the wear resistance and comfort will be reduced to varying degrees. We suggest that you try to choose tires with a relatively recent production date for Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale.

Design Requirement-for-Tri-Axle-Skeletal-Trailers-for-Sale.JPG


Electric Braking System Requirements Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale

According to the national standard GB/T5053.1-2006 "Electrical Connector Between Road Vehicle Tractor and Trailer" 7-core 24V standard type (24N) requirements, the circuit connection for the the semi-trailer adopts the national standard 24V connector. The lamps and lanterns should use excellent quality products that meet the national 3C certification, the wiring harness adopts an integral wiring harness, and the connection between the lamps and the wiring harness adopts a plug connector connection. The whole circuit system has the advantages of safe and reliable wiring harness and easy replacement of lamps. It is used for lighting, safety warning, etc. It is mainly composed of cables and various lamps.

The main functions of the Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for sale braking system are the service brake and the parking brake, which are composed of air joints, solenoid valves, air pipelines, air chambers, and air storage tanks. The Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale braking system adopts a dual-pipe pneumatic braking system, which can cooperate with the dual-circuit braking system of the tractor truck. This braking method is currently used by mainstream semi-trailer factories in China and worldwide. In order to make the connection between the tractor and the semi-trailer gas circuit and circuit smooth, the general Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale ABS line, electric wire, yellow gas pipe joint, and red gas pipe joint are all in the same orientation as the tractor truck. There will never be  any cross-connection.

Design Requirement-for-Tri-Axle-Skeletal-Trailers.jpg

The specialization rate of Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale is an important indicator to measure the development level of special-purpose vehicles, and the degree of expression of the specialization elements of Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale also shows the designer's ability to grasp the product, which needs to be determined according to the application environment and working conditions.


At this point, the Design Requirement for Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer for Sale is completely finished. If you still have any questions or need to buy our Tri Axle Skeletal Trailer, please feel free to consult us.

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