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Differences between full trailer, semi-trailer, freight car, truck and car train

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Differences between full trailer, semi-trailer, freight car, truck and car train
Speaking of freight vehicles, we are no strangers. For example, some equipment, machinery, raw materials, oil, commodities, vegetables, fruits and other materials rely on these vehicles for transportation. The range of freight vehicles is very wide, and they can also be divided into many types from the perspective of models, such as the common full tracker, semi tracker, freight car, truck, etc. Today we will discuss the differences between these vehicles

1. Differences of Trailer

The trailer is generally composed of two parts: the tractor head and the trailer body. The tractor head is mainly responsible for providing power and driving, and the trailer body is responsible for loading goods. These two parts are connected together through the traction saddle and traction pin to complete the transportation task together. The main feature of the trailer is that it is pulled by the car or the front of the car, and it has no power driving device.

According to the different stress conditions, it can be divided into semi-trailer and full trailer, also known as semi trailer and full trailer. The semi-trailer is towed by the tractor and part of its weight is borne by the tractor; The full trailer is towed by the tractor, but all the weight is borne by the body itself.


(1) Semi trailer refers to a trailer whose body cannot be supported independently. The front part of its body needs to be mounted on the rear end of the tractor, and the tractor will jointly bear part of the weight. When the body is separated from the tractor, it needs to be balanced with the help of special outriggers.

(2) Full trailer refers to a trailer that can be fully supported independently. The body can maintain its own balance or carry it independently. When connecting the tractor, it only needs the tractor to provide driving force, and it does not need to share the load.

(3) The middle axle trailer is similar to the full trailer in appearance, and can also bear its own load independently, without the need for the tractor to share. The difference is that the axles of the center axle trailer are concentrated in the middle part of the body, so it cannot maintain balance independently, and it also needs outrigger support when it is separated from the tractor.

According to the different transportation needs, the loading part of the trailer is also different. Generally, it can be divided into fence type, warehouse grid type, van type, skeleton type, container type, tank type, low flat plate type, self unloading type, etc.


Difference between semi-trailer and full Trailer

There are two ways to connect the tractor and the trailer: the first is that the front half of the trailer is mounted on the traction saddle above the rear section of the tractor, and the bridge behind the tractor bears part of the weight of the trailer, which is called the semi-trailer; The second is that the front end of the trailer is connected to the rear end of the tractor. The tractor only provides forward tension to drag the trailer, but does not bear the downward weight of the trailer. This is full trailer.


2. Differences of Truck

Trucks, also known as heavy duty trucks, are mainly used for transporting goods or towing vehicles. According to the tonnage, they can be divided into pickup trucks, micro trucks, light trucks, quasi heavy trucks, heavy trucks and super heavy trucks, including integrated models and tractor + Trailer models.


3、Differences of freight car

In the transportation industry, many people are used to equate freight cars with trucks, and even Wikipedia points out that trucks are "also called trucks". In fact, in a strict sense, freight car is not completely equivalent to truck. Freight car is just a kind of truck, which is specialized in transporting goods. In addition to trucks, trucks also cover cranes, engineering vehicles, etc., with a wider range.

Freight cars can be classified according to body length and load mass. Freight cars are light, medium and heavy. The body length of the light freight car is less than 6000 mm, and the total mass is less than 4500 kg. The body length of the medium-sized freight car is greater than or equal to 6000 mm, and the total mass is greater than 4500 kg and less than 12000 kg. Heavy trucks are trucks with a total mass of more than 12000 kg.

Freight car is an important means of road transportation, which is very important for economic development


1) General freight car:

It refers to the vehicle built by the fixed connection between the engine operation room and the vehicle body itself, which can be roughly divided into two types: frame type and dump type. These two types of vehicle bodies include full dense freight car, semi dense freight car and open freight car.

2) Freight car

Different from the container truck, the truck is not divided into a frame and a trailer.

3) Container truck

Container car is also a container car, which is also a fully enclosed car. Container truck can be divided into three parts: frame, truck head and container.


4. Differences of Tractor

When it comes to tow trucks, people often think of wreckers. For example, when the vehicle breaks down or stops illegally, you can call the tow truck to move the car away. In fact, in addition to this meaning, trailers also refer to those trucks that have no driving force themselves, such as logistics warehouses, flatbed trucks used in airports and ports, agricultural transport vehicles, fertilizer spreaders, forage/straw pick-up vehicles, and field workers. Trailers, campers, and even miniature trailers designed to transport luggage or motorcycles all fall under the category of trailers. From this point of view, a trailer is more like a trailer.

The difference between a tractor and a trailer

The front of the car with driving ability is called a tractor, and the car with no traction and driving ability in the back is called a trailer, and the trailer is towed by the tractor. The difference between a tractor and a truck As the name suggests, a tractor pulls a trailer. Usually, the truck should refer to a single truck. The biggest difference is that the front of the tractor and the cargo box are separated. A traction pulley is connected together, and the front of the truck and the cargo box are integrated and mounted on a girder.


5. Differences of Car train

Automobile train refers to a train set composed of one tractor and one or more trailers. From the perspective of vehicle type classification, automobile trains can be divided into passenger car trains, passenger car trains, truck trains, drawbar trailer trains, articulated trains, double Trailer trains, double semi-trailer trains, flatbed trains, etc.

With the continuous strengthening of relevant governance in the freight industry, standardization and specialization may be a trend of freight transportation in the future. Various models will also play a role in their respective areas of expertise to jointly improve the efficiency of logistics transportation. Vehicle Master heavy industry group is one of the first batch of enterprises to mass produce one-piece axles in China. Its products include drum type, American type, low flat plate, three wire six axle, eccentric bridge, special bridge and other series, with tonnage ranging from 3T to 25t. Customized services can be provided according to customer needs.

All these vehicles are derived and subdivided into vehicles with different functions because of their economic operation and applicable transportation environment. Through the above information analysis, you should have some understanding of the differences between full tracker, semi tracker, freight car, truck and car train.


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