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Drop Side Trailer for Sale Zimbabwe

Production Time: Approximately 30 
Working Days Packaging: SKD/CKD 
Shipping Method: Sea/Land 
Material: Q345B (Customizable) 
Axles: 1, 2, 3 (Customizable) 
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty for Main Structure 
Brand: Vehicle Master
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Vehicle Master's drop side semi trailer for sale in Zimbabwe can be used and applied for various purposes in different environment. It is one of the most popular type of the semi trailers produced by Vehicle Master due to its versatile capability. Every single drop side semi trailer is manufactured by our own factories and produced by advanced equipment and professional technicians.

Anti-cargo-expansion Design of Drop Side Semi Trailer for Sale Zimbabwe

  • The reason why the "anti-cargo-expension" design is important in Zimbabwe is mainly because the large height of the drop side semi trailer from the bottom of the compartment to the top of the side wall, which results weaker overall strength of the compartment. Especially when loading bulk cargo such as coal, grain, sand and gravel, it is prone to serious container expansion. Each company has its own way of designing the "anti-rise compartment". For example, sometimes a buckle box in the semi-hanging column of the drop side trailer and the column plug was inserted beyond the side beam.

  • In addition, in recent years, although the saddle height and turning radius of most tractor manufacturers' models tend to be similar, the special configuration of tractor models such as heavy-duty tractors, CNG and LNG tractors, etc., when ordering semi-trailers, it is still necessary to provide the trailer factory with information on the height of the saddle from the ground and the turning radius. Otherwise, the height difference between the front and rear of the trailer will be too large, resulting in unreasonable force on the axle of the trailer. After selecting the same reference point at the center line of the saddle and the center line of the second axle of 3 axle semi trailer, the 6x4 truck is equipped with 3 axle semi-trailers. The height difference between the front and the rear is within 30-70 cm so that the main vehicle can share about 34% of the load. When the 6x2 truck is equipped with 3 axle semi trailer with height difference between front and rear at aound 50-90 cm to reduce the load-bearing ratio for the truck.



Production Process for Drop Side Semi Trailer for Sale Zimbabwe

Good materials and good designs also need good production processes especially the welding process. The welding process is an important process that affects the load-bearing performance in the production of drop side semi trailer for sale in Zimbabwe. Compared with manual welding, machine welding has more stable product qualityand there will be no quality errors due to any human factors. The quality consistency is stronger and the efficiency is higher. Efficiency is time and time is money. At present, submerged arc automatic welding is mostly used for semi-trailer girders, where the welding is uniform, the welding penetration is better, the surface of the welding seam is free of pores and inclusions, and the surface is nice and smooth.



Robot Welding for Drop Side Semi Trailer for Sale Zimbabwe

Robot welding is currently not popular for production on the whole drop side semi trailers and it is mainly used for the welding of some standard parts. The lack of popularity is mainly due to the issue of investment costs. Robotic arms cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, the domestic semi-trailer manufacturing process is also developing rapidly. Long ago in 2014, there were already manufacturers  launching various projects to upgrade the production line and have reduced the number of workers by 50% and increased production efficiency by 40%. In 2015, equipment for automatic cutting, loading and unloading, welding, spraying and other processes were introduced. At present, Vehicle Master has established fully mechanized and automatic assembly line production of skeleton semi trailer and contrainer trailer. We have also upgraded our production lines to ensure quality and improve efficiency for the trailers we produce for sale in Zimbabwe.



Coating for Drop Side Semi Trailer for Sale Zimbabwe

The coating process of drop side semi trailers is generally indoor or outdoor spraying in China. Because the cost of electrophoresis and powder spraying is too high, only a few of the top brand trailer manufacturers have the equipment for this process. Vehicle Master is in fact one of the few manufacturers who have invested and applied this type of equipment to produce trailers for sale in countries all over the world such as Zimbabwe. For instance, an electrophoresis and powder spraying process cost more than tens of millions of dollars.



Wheel and Tire Drop Side Semi Trailer for Sale Zimbabwe

Most of the tire patterns of the drop side semi trailer adopt straight stripes and the heat dissipation is comparably better in Zimbabwe. In terms of high-end brands, there are Goodyear, Bridgestone, etc., which have longer replacement mileage. Domestic first-line brands such as Chaoyang, Shuangqian, Linglong, Triangle and other brands are also good, and the prices are relatively transparent. Users can choose different brands according to their own needs. The aluminum alloy steel ring has been gradually accepted by the market since the 921 policy. If the drop side semi trailer uses aluminum alloy steel wheel, the 3 axle semi trailer can reduce the dead weight by about 200kg. In terms of price, the relative iron ring of the general brand is approximately a few thousand yuan more expensive. One thing to note is that the aluminum steel ring is thicker, and the axle bolt structure corresponding to the iron steel ring is different. If it is troublesome for ordinary users to replace it in the market, it is recommended to decide whether to choose the aluminum alloy steel ring when making an order.



Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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