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Flatbed Semi Trailer Manufacturer in Kenya

Production Time: Approximately 30 Working Days 
Packaging: SKD/CKD 
Shipping Method: Sea/Land 
Material: Q345B (Customizable) 
Axles: 1, 2, 3 (Customizable) 
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty for Main Structure 
Brand: Vehicle Master
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At Vehicle Master, we are all about the details. We believe that great quality comes from taking care of small details. From a single welding point to the reinforcing plates on the trailer frame, Vehicle Master never stops doing a beautiful job on all of our trailers.

Purpose of Flatbed Semi Trailer Manufacturer in Kenya

The flatbed semi trailer manufacturer in kenya is mainly used for medium and long-distance freight transportation. The only difference flatbed semi trailer is from cargo side wall semi trailer and cargo fence semi trailer is that there is no side boards or fence structure around the loading platform. The panel on the loading platform is made of high strength steel. This type of semi trailer is light weight and very promising for its anti-torsion, anti-vibration, anti-bump, and ability to meet different road bearing requirements.



Main Structure of Flatbed Semi Trailer Manufacturer in Kenya

  • The frame of the flatbed semi trailer manufacturer in kenya is of the through structure and the longitudinal beam adopts the straight type. The height of the web is usually from 400mm to 550mm depending on different customer’s need. The longitudinal beam is welded by automatic submerged arc welding, the frame is shot peened, and the cross beam penetrates the longitudinal beam and is welded as a whole.

  • The trailer is composed of tandem dry leaf spring and suspension bearing. The structure is designed to provide strong rigidity and strength and support heavy load and impact.


Main Parts of Flatbed Semi Trailer Manufacturer in Kenya


  • The semi-trailer frame is mainly composed of girder-welded I-beam, support beam, connecting beam, side beam, lock head, and traction pin.

  • The side beams are generally channel steel or bending parts. At present, most trailers use channel steel. It is often more light-weight bending parts for side beams because the requirement for strength is not too high. The support beam is the penetrating beam, while now most of them are W beams.



Traction Pin/Kingpin

Traction pin, also known as the kingpin, is an important component for the flatbed semi trailer manufacturer in kenya that connects with the vehicle guide vehicle and bear the gravitational force. It is connected to the traction seat and is generally forged from steel with a chrome alloy structure. For different cargo tonnage, there are #50 and #90 traction pins. Generally, the total weight of the cargo and the goods is limited to 50T. When the weight of the goods is below 50T, #50 pins are used. If it is more than 50T, #90 is used.


Suspension System

The general semi-trailer suspension adopts non-independent steel plate stamping rigid suspension, which consists of tandem leaf springs and suspension supports. It is used to support the load and reduce the impact of the dynamic load of the flatbed semi trailer manufacturer in kenya. Due to the different uses of special vehicles like semi trailers, there are also different requirements for the design of the suspension. There are four commonly used suspensions: tandem leaf spring balance suspension, single-point suspension, air suspension, and rigid suspension (one line and two axles).



Axle System

The axle of the flatbed semi trailer manufacturer in kenya is the supporting bridge. In China, the main ones are Fuwa axle, BPW axle, York axle, and Onkyo axle. Among them, Fuwa axle is the most popular. A force connected to support and transfer loads between the frame and the wheels.


Electrical System

The electrical system of the flatbed semi trailer manufacturer in kenya is composed of seven-core sockets, cables, air circuits, various lamps, etc., which are used for lighting, safety warnings, and air supply for brakes. Generally speaking, you can basically know the quality of the factory by looking at the regularity of the electrical circuit wiring.


Landing Gear

The supporting device of the flatbed semi trailer manufacturer in kenya is used to support the trailer when it is disengaged. Also known as landing gear, it is composed of outriggers, connecting brackets, and so on. The structure of landing gear is very simple and quite hard to break.



Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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