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Flatbed semi trailer Indonesia

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Flatbed semi trailer Indonesia
The flatbed semi trailers we export to Indonesia are heavy-duty trailers. We have three sizes of flatbed semi trailers: 20 feet flatbed semi trailers, 40 feet flatbed semi trailers, and 45 feet flatbed semi trailers. If you need other sizes, we can totally accept customization.

Flatbed semi trailer

Flatbed semi trailer is an important tool for modern logistics and transportation. Using flatbed semi trailer is the most effective and simple important means to improve economic efficiency. The flatbed semi-trailer has no railing on the vehicle part, and the flatbed semi trailer has the advantages of strong load-bearing capacity and high efficiency. Flatbed semi trailer is widely used in Indonesia, mainly for medium and long-distance freight transportation.

Flatbed semi trailer specifications

Flatbed semi trailer is a common vehicle in road transport, because it is more convenient to load and unload large and heavy goods, and can load more goods than other models of the same specification, so it is favored by transport units. Among the transport vehicles, the flatbed semi trailer is generally 4 meters to 13 meters long, and the length of the vehicle above 13 meters is mostly a low-bed semi-trailer. Many people in Indonesia also usually use feet to express length. The flatbed semi-trailers we produce have 20ft, 40ft, 45ft and more sizes for customers to choose from. Meanwhile, we also accept OEM and ODM.

Flatbed semi trailer price

Our flatbed semi trailer price (FOB Price) ranges from $9,000 to $13,000. The specifications and parameters are different, and the price is also different. Indonesia customers can choose a semi trailer with a suitable price according to their needs.

Advantages of our flatbed semi trailer

1. The flat-plate semi-trailer walking structure is made of high-strength international steel; the vehicle is light in weight, and its anti-distortion, anti-vibration, and anti-turbulence capabilities are guaranteed to meet different road bearing capacities.

2. The frame of the series semi-trailer is a beam-through structure, and the longitudinal beam adopts a straight type or a gooseneck type. The height of the web is from 400mm to 550mm, the longitudinal beam is welded by automatic submerged arc welding, the frame is shot blasted, the beam penetrates into the longitudinal beam and is welded as a whole.

3. Composed of tandem dry leaf springs and suspension supports, the structure is reasonable, with strong rigidity and strength, and is used to support loads and buffer shocks.

Our flatbed semi-trailers are reliable in quality and superior in performance. They have so many advantages, and their prices are relatively affordable, so they are very attractive in the Indonesian market. If you are interested, you can act as an agent of our semi-trailer products in Indonesia, which is definitely a promising business.

Ordering process for our flatbed semi trailer

If you need to buy our flatbed semi-trailer in Indonesia, the following is the general order process.

1. Please discuss the detailed parameters of the trailer with our experts first. We will design the drawing of the trailer, please confirm it at the end.

2. After we signed the agreement, your company paid the advance payment, and we started to produce the flatbed trailer.

3. We will complete the production, installation and commissioning of the flatbed trailer within the agreed time and deliver it on time.

4. Your company will pay the balance and get the bill of lading.

Of course, the specific details can be discussed and decided individually. We will provide Indonesian customers with meticulous service to ensure the smooth completion of the transaction.

Flatbed semi trailer Indonesia

In addition, if you are buying our flatbed semi-trailer for the first time, if you have concerns before purchasing, you can buy one before buying a large number of flatbed trailers. After receiving the goods, if you are satisfied, we will continue mass production. This helps us build trust. We are very confident in the quality of our semi-trailers, and the price we give is also very sincere. We are a renowned semi trailer manufacturer and supplier from China. We are very reputable in China and overseas markets. Indonesia is one of our main overseas markets. You become our trailer agent and we provide a complete after-sales service plan. I believe we will have a good cooperation.


Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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