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Flatbed semi trailer description guide

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Flatbed semi trailer description guide
There are many types of flatbed semi trailers and a wide range of application scenarios. Today we will explain in detail the types, applications, operations, advantages and so on of flatbed trailers. Know what to choose when we choose a trailer.

A drawbar flatbed semi trailer is a flatbed semi trailer with at least two axles. It has an axle that can be turned 180 degrees; it is connected to the flatbed semi trailer through an angularly movable drawbar; the drawbar can move vertically and is connected to the chassis, so it cannot bear any vertical force. A semi-trailer with a concealed stand also acts as a drawbar flatbed semi trailer.

A universal drawbar flatbed semi trailer is a towed flatbed semi trailer that carries cargo in an open (flat) or closed (box) cargo space. The material used for the body of the flatbed semi trailer is heavy steel, which is often referred to as: heavy flatbed semi trailer. It is likened to a large and heavy-duty flatbed semi trailer with a relatively strong carrying capacity. Call it a heavy steel flatbed semi trailer. Chonggang flatbed semi trailer is generally used for industrial large-tonnage cargo transportation, which can be turned over in the factory, or the goods can be transported on the road in the middle.

The scope of application of Chonggang flatbed semi trailer: suitable for short-distance transfer, warehouse transfer, machinery, logistics, offline and other operations and transportation of heavy products.


Portindustrial and mining flatbed semi trailer

This is the portindustrial and mining flatbed semi trailer, which is mainly used for shipyards, port machinery manufacturers, handling large equipment such as ship sections, steel plates, tubular parts, logs, large diesel engine equipment, etc. Its biggest feature is its large carrying capacity and large size. The above picture is an example. The rated load of this vehicle is 150 tons, its length is 12 meters, and its width is 3.5 meters. Because of its long length, it is specially designed to be arched, which strengthens the bending resistance. Design, the arch design on bridges, vehicles and cranes is used here.

Four wheel steering flatbed semi trailer

As shown in the figure below, it is a flatbed semi trailer. The feature of the modified trailer is reverse steering, which aims to improve the maneuverability at low speeds. The four-wheel steering can reduce the turning radius of the vehicle when turning at low speeds. At low speeds, the flatbed semi trailer can reduce the turning radius by up to 20% due to the reverse steering of the rear wheels. The large flatbed semi trailer has the maneuverability and parking agility of a small vehicle. The trailer capacity of the vehicle has been improved. By steering the rear axle to the steering traction of the trailer, the four-wheel steering system greatly improves the maneuverability, stability and safety of the vehicle trailer. This technology is deeply loved by foreign companies.

Ultra-low flatbed semi trailer

  • Four-wheel steering ultra-low flatbed semi trailer, ultra-low flatbed semi trailer chassis is very low, convenient for forklift loading and unloading goods.

  • Ultra-low traction flatbed semi trailer is a kind of towing vehicle used for factory, logistics, port transportation. It is a non-standard vehicle, and the load capacity and external dimensions can be determined according to the needs of customers. The chassis is ultra-low, convenient for loading and unloading goods, large carrying capacity, and long service life. It is widely used in many industries such as machinery, metallurgy, warehousing and transportation, and the combination of tractors makes the flat plate play an important role in various fields.


Luggage flatbed semi trailer bulk cargo flatbed semi trailer

As the name suggests, a luggage flatbed semi trailer refers to a vehicle specially designed for towing luggage. Although the vehicle is light and flexible, although the load capacity is not large, it can be connected section by section to form a flatbed semi trailer group, thus weakening the disadvantage of small load capacity. Also known as a bulk flatbed semi trailer, the vehicle transports bulk cargo - a four-sided fence that needs to be customized for the actual cargo. Main use occasions: airports, railway stations, bus stations, ports and other logistics places.

Canopy flatbed semi trailer

Similarly, the reason why it is called a flatbed semi trailer is that the vehicle has a canopy and is used to transport goods that cannot be exposed to rain and sunlight. The vehicle can also be connected section by section to form a flatbed semi trailer group. In many cases, the canopy flatbed semi trailer also has a fence, the function is the same as the luggage flatbed semi trailer, and the use occasions are not the same - airports, railway stations, bus stations, ports and other logistics places. Generally, rainproof cloth (slidable) is used on both sides of the flatbed semi trailer of the canopy, and steel plate, color steel plate or container corrugated plate is used in the rest. There are also steel plates, color steel plates or container corrugated plates. This kind of canopy flatbed semi trailer needs to design a door opening mechanism, such as rolling gates, hinged side openings, and the way of flying wings as shown in the figure below.

What are the advantages of a curved beam flatbed tractor trailer?

The curved beam flatbed truck is suitable for steel coils, color steel coils, rubber sheet coils and other rolled cargo plate flatbed trucks with a low flatbed with tail plate design, specially designed for wheeled equipment such as excavators. Roller transfer equipment. Front suspension steering, rear suspension oriented. Buffer tow frame.


Special flatbed semi trailer

The special flatbed semi trailer is a kind of flatbed semi trailer specially customized for a specific function. The following is a detailed description:

  • The product is equipped with electromagnetic brake to ensure the consistency of driving and braking between the vehicle and the towing vehicle; it is equipped with a handbrake to ensure the braking performance of the vehicle when it is separated from the towing vehicle; pneumatic tires for off-road vehicles are mainly used in Selected for driving on grass. The hand-operated support legs ensure the stability of the vehicle when the equipment transported by the vehicle is in use.

  • The special flatbed semi trailer shown in the figure below combines the characteristics of ultra-low flatbed semi trailer and canopy flatbed semi trailer, and is specially designed to transport hand-pushed vehicles with tracks, with tail panels and tail lights.

Other models of flatbed semi trailer:

  • Fixed guardrail flatbed trailer, plug-in (intubation) flatbed trailer, two-way traction flatbed trailer, curved beam heavy-duty flatbed trailer, tank flatbed trailer, container flatbed trailer, anti-corrosion table flatbed trailer, rubber Tabletop flatbed trailer, fixed flatbed trailer, telescopic flatbed trailer, folding flatbed trailer, hydraulic support leg flatbed trailer, waterproof rain screen flatbed trailer, etc.     

  • The types of flatbed semi trailers are not limited to what I just mentioned, because this is a non-standard vehicle and is very flexible, so the production is completely designed and manufactured according to actual use. So, what I'm introducing today can only be said to be very rare in the big family of flatbed semi trailers.

Performance of flatbed semi trailer:

1. Double spring buffer type traction mechanism, there is a buffer to avoid damage to the goods when the vehicle starts or brakes suddenly.

2. The steering mechanism is Shanghai Industrial Machinery slewing assembly (excavator hook arm slewing assembly), so there is no need to worry about damage for ten years.

3. The traction cage can be adjusted and fixed up and down, and it is only necessary to adjust the traction head or forklift of different tonnages.

4. The suspension frame, compared with the traditional hard connection (welding), reduces the long-term stress damage of the car body and has a longer service life.

5. The axle is automatically oscillated and adjusted, and the convex and concave ground ensures the level of the board and the balanced force on the tires.

6. The front and rear wheel sets can be equipped with spring steel sheet shock absorbers to reduce the damage to the goods caused by bumps.

7. Equipped with universal joint, the operation is very flexible.


What precautions are needed for flatbed trucks to pull goods

  • Simply put, it is to loop the rope first, use the second loop to hook the hook and tighten it, and wrap it once on the hook. The same method goes to the next hook position in turn. The first requirement is that the rope is long enough, and the second is that the tail of the carriage is made into two large forks and pulled forward, especially the two upper corners of the cargo at the rear. Because the cargo is easy to loosen, it needs to be pulled twice.

  • Before the diesel engine stops, the flatbed semi trailer should run for 3 to 5 minutes at idle speed to reduce the speed of the supercharger and the temperature, and monitor the running sound of the supercharger. If any abnormality is found, it should be stopped for inspection. If the rotor of the turbocharger is inflexible, there is sticking or wear noise, it must be sent to a qualified repair station for repair.

Application of Flatbed Transporter

Flatbed trucks, also known as construction machinery trucks, flatbed trucks, and trailers, are mainly used to transport some non-removable objects like excavators, loaders, and harvesters. They are widely used in factories, construction sites and other large-scale production or engineering locations. The largest It is characterized by strong load-bearing capacity. It is generally divided into conventional flatbed trucks and semi-trailer flatbed trucks. According to the driving form, it can be divided into single-axle flatbed trucks, small three-axle flatbed trucks, rear double-axle flatbed trucks, front four and rear eight flatbed trucks. According to the brand, it can be divided into Dongfeng, Jiefang, JAC, etc. It is widely used in short-distance transportation of various bulk goods, reducing transportation costs and improving work efficiency.

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