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Fuel Tank Semi Trailer For Sale in UAE

Production Time: Approximately 30 Working Days
Packaging: SKD/CKD
Shipping Method: Sea/Land
Material: Q345B (Customizable)
Axles: 1, 2, 3 (Customizable)
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty for Main Structure 
Brand: Vehicle Master
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Fuel tank semi trailer is usually considered more complex and requires higher quality manufacturing due to its structure. It is often used to transport hazardous liquid medium such as gasoline and chemicals, which is another reason why it is more expensive than most of other regular types of semi trailers. Vehicle Master specializes in different kinds of fuel tank semi trailers such as carbon, stainless steel, and aluminum tank semi trailers. All factories from Vehicle Master always maintains the highest standard, which allows high quality and trustworthy fuel tank semi trailer production in UAE.

Fuel Tank Semi Trailer for Sale in UAE Showcase


Dimension of Fuel Tank Semi Trailer for Sale in UAE

The dimension of fuel tanker usually depends on the volume of the tank body customer needes. It can be customized accordingly. Take the example of our customer from UEA, who needs 45,000 liter tank capacity, the demision of the tank semi trailer is:

Length: 11,000mm

Width: 2,500mm

Height: 3,800mm



Structure Specification of Fuel Tank Semi Trailer for Sale in UAE

Tank Body

For the material of the tank body, carbon steel and stainless steel are usually used for transportation of different types of fuel and chemicals. Let’s say if our customer from UEA decides he wants the tank body to be made of carbon steel, here is what the structure specifications will look like:

  • Material: carbon steel

  • Shape: sphere end plate or can be customized as needed

  • Thickness: 4.5mm

  • Dish end thickness: 5mm

  • Number of compartments: 4

The number of compartments for fuel tank semi trailer can be optioned from 1 to 9 with volume from 20cbm to 55cbm accordingly. It’s worth noting that the price for different numbers of compartments can be quite different.


  • Discharge valve: 3” valve with dust cover, 4 pieces

  • Bottom valve: 4” aluminum, 4 pieces

  • Discharge pipe: 3-inch rubber hose with hose carriers, 2 pieces, 6 meters each

  • Manhole: carbon steel, 4 pieces

  • Welding standard: National level welding supervised while automatic welding machine is cooperated. 30 minutes more than normal welding time is performed to ensure the best welding result.

  • Paint: Shot blast at standard SA 2.5 prior to application of primer with polyurethane top coat. Total DFT no less than 100um.



Main Parts of Fuel Tank Semi Trailer for Sale in UAE


The suspension on fuel tank semi trailer for sale in UAE normally uses common mechanical springs such as 10*13mm springs. Other types of suspension system such as airbag suspension, which provides smoother and higher ride quality can be optioned as needed.

Braking System

The often used options for the fuel tank semi trailer is dual line pneumatic brake with SAE hose and connector. It consists of 4 units T30/30 spring brake chambers and 2 units T30 brake chambers.

Rim and Tire

The rim and tire are like the socks and shoes for people. They need to be selected appropriately so the trailer can provide the best overall performance. In UAE, 12 pieces of 12R22.5 tires and 12 pieces of 9.0 steel disk wheels are normally used.

King Pin

King pin is considered one of the most essential parts on any semi trailers. It is the key for a safe and secure connection between the tractor and semi trailer. The bolted type #50 or #90 king pin is used depending on the weight that the trailer is designed to transport. Either 2’ or 3.5’ can be optioned.

Landing Gear

When the tank semi trailer is detached from the tractor, landing gear compliments the supporting points so the trailer can stand independently. One speed or two speed landing gear can be optioned depending on different customer’s transportation need. One of the typical types of landing gear is 8T aluminum one speed telescopic manual landing gear.



Electrical System for Fuel Tank Semi Trailer for Sale in UAE

The wiring of the electrical system can always tell how detailed and consisent a semi trailer manufacturer is. Vehicle Master usually uses electric cable protected by PVC conduit on main frame for fuel tank semi trailer for sale in UAE. The voltage is usually 24 volt, while standard 7-way socket SAE is used. The typical lamps on the semi trailer include white front marker lamp, white and red side marker lamp, red rear lamp, and amber turn signal lamp. Reflectors can be added per customer’s requirement.

Spare Parts for Fuel Tank Semi Trailer for Sale in UAE

In UAE, if mud guards are needed for fuel tank semi trailer for sale, they are normally steel mud guards. Two pieces of spare wheel carriers and one of tool box are included unless specified otherwise.





Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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