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Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer

Price: Factory Price. Get A 10% off.

L*W*H: 7000mm-13950mm * 2500mm * 1570mm
Axle: 2 / 3 / 4 Axles (Customizable)
Capacity: 30-80 Ton (Customizable)
Length: 20 / 40 / 45 / 53 / 60 ft (Customizable)
Production Time: 15-30 Working Days
Packaging: SKD/CKD

Email: Bowen@vehiclemaster.com
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Product Introduction: Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer

Are you in need of a trailer that can transport oversized or heavy-duty cargo while being robust and durable? The Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer produced by Vehicle Master is your optimal choice. This trailer is meticulously designed for strength, durability, and optimal load-carrying capacity, excelling in the transportation of large, heavy, and unconventional loads. It stands out as the preferred solution for industries requiring reliable and heavy-duty cargo transportation capabilities.

Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer

Customizable Specifications of Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer

Product Name

Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer


2 Axles / 3 Axles / 4 Axles


20 / 40 / 45 / 53 / 60 ft

Loading Capacity

20 - 80 Tons


Gooseneck / Tandem 



Axle Brand



12R22.5 (8/12 Pieces)

King Pin


Leaf Spring

90mm*13mm*10 Pieces

90mm*16mm*10 Pieces

Landing Gear

28 Ton Two Speed


Electrophoresis Painting

Key Features of Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer

  • Robust Structure: The design of the Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer emphasizes strength and durability. Constructed from high-strength materials with reinforced chassis and beams, this trailer ensures the integrity, stability, and ability to withstand heavy loads and challenging conditions, thereby enhancing longevity and performance.

  • Outstanding Load Capacity: Specifically designed to handle high load capacities, the Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer effortlessly transports oversized and overweight cargo. The robust design and load-bearing components ensure that the trailer meets the demands of heavy duty transportation.

  • Spacious Deck Space: Tailored for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, the flatbed trailer provides ample deck space. Capable of accommodating large and irregularly shaped loads, it efficiently transports large machinery, equipment, steel coils, and other heavy items that may exceed standard trailer dimensions.

  • Multiple Lashing Points: Equipped with various tie-down points, winches, and chain hooks, the trailer effectively secures cargo, preventing shifting during transportation. Examples include heavy-duty D-ring anchors, stake pockets, and winch tracks, offering multiple options for securing different types of cargo and minimizing the risk of movement or damage during transit.

  • Heavy-Duty Suspension System: Our Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer is equipped with a robust suspension system designed to absorb shocks and vibrations from uneven road surfaces, ensuring a smooth and stable ride for both the trailer and the cargo.

Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer

Shipping of Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer

  • Inspection of Completeness and Performance: Reassess the flatbed trailer to ensure that all accessories are present and that it meets the delivery standards. This thorough inspection guarantees that the trailer is in optimal condition before delivery.

  • Dimension and Weight Verification: Accurately measure and weigh the flatbed trailer. This information is crucial for determining the appropriate mode of transportation and calculating transportation costs.

  • Separate Packaging for Parts: Adopt individual packaging for detachable and fragile components, storing them in areas less susceptible to impact to prevent damage. This approach safeguards components from potential harm during transit.

  • Choosing the Mode of Transportation:Select either containerized transport or stacked transport. In both transportation methods, the flatbed trailer will be securely fastened to prevent any movement-related impacts. Additionally, apply impact-resistant materials to protruding areas to prevent damage to the trailer's paintwork.

Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer


Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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