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Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer in Nigeria

Production Time: Approximately 30 Working Days 
Packaging: SKD/CKD 
Shipping Method: Sea/Land 
Material: Q345B (Customizable) 
Axles: 1, 2, 3 (Customizable) 
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty for Main Structure 
Brand: Vehicle Master
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Heavy-duty flatbed trailers are usually used to transport 20-foot or 40-foot containers, and are mainly used to support container transportation in ships, ports, waterways, roads, transfer stations, bridges, tunnels, and multimodal transport. Nigeria has more than 15 ports, carrying the heavy responsibility of cargo transshipment in Africa. In this context, heavy-duty flatbed trailers are designed as trailers suitable for transporting bulk goods and containers. For container transportation, the cost is lower and the transportation time is shortened. , It plays an irreplaceable role in ensuring the efficient and on-time delivery of goods.

Growing Demand for Heavy Flatbed Trailers in Nigeria

As the largest transshipment trade center in West Africa, Nigeria imports and exports tens of thousands of tons of goods every day, or transports them to various countries in West Africa by land. However, Nigeria's port operation efficiency and inland transportation costs have been criticized, seriously affecting the local economic development. This is because 95% of Nigeria's goods are transported by road in general trucks, however this mode of transportation is inefficient and has caused port congestion at the port of Lagos. This leaves a huge room for development for logistics infrastructure investment companies and Chinese flatbed trailer manufacturers. Heavy flatbed trailers are a tool that is especially suitable for the turnover and transportation of public goods such as ports, docks, and warehouses. The maximum reduction Congestion, as one of the important tools for material transportation, heavy-duty flatbed trailers have attracted more and more attention from relevant local departments.


What Is Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer?

Heavy-duty flatbed trailers are also called heavy steel flatbed trailers, because the material used for the body is heavy steel, large and heavy flatbed trailers with relatively strong carrying capacity can be called flatbed trailers. Usually the tonnage is more than 50 tons, and the heavy-duty flatbed trailer is generally used for the transportation of industrial large-tonnage goods.

In Nigeria, the heavy duty flatbed trailer is very important, because Nigeria's economy is developing rapidly, and the material circulation requires a flatbed trailer. This is lower than the price of a simple truck, and the amount of transported materials is still large. It is simple and easy to maintain.


The Advantages of Flatbed Trailers

  • Transportation: The loading quality of heavy-duty flatbed trailers is generally more than 50 tons, which is at least 1-2 times that of ordinary trucks;

  • Low manufacturing cost: Generally, the manufacturing cost of a full trailer is 50%-60% lower than that of a truck of the same tonnage;

  • Low fuel consumption: 100 ton-kilometer fuel consumption is 40% lower than that of a single truck;

  • The structure is simple, the maintenance is convenient, the maintenance cost is low, and the general truck can be towed without modification;

  • After being detachable and hanging, it can be used as a storage unit for a longer period of time.

  • These obvious advantages of heavy-duty flatbed trucks determine its important position in the rapidly developing Nigerian market.


Most of the inquiries from Nigerian customers are about heavy-duty flatbed trailers, but customers do not have a comprehensive understanding of its performance. In order to avoid losses caused by improper installation and operation of Nigerian customers, the following is the relevant information we have compiled for customer reference:

  1. The double-spring buffer traction mechanism has a buffer to avoid damage to the cargo when the vehicle starts or brakes suddenly.

  2. The steering mechanism is Shanghai Gongji rotary assembly (excavator hook arm rotary assembly) and there is no need to worry about damage for ten years.

  3. The traction cage can be adjusted and fixed up and down, and the traction head or forklift with different tonnages only needs to be adjusted simply when towing

  4. Suspended frame, compared with traditional hard connection (welding), reduces long-term stress damage to the car body and has a longer service life.

  5. The wheel axle is automatically oscillating and adjustable, and the uneven ground ensures that the board surface is level and the tires are evenly stressed.

  6. The front and rear wheel sets can be equipped with spring steel shock absorbers to reduce the damage to the goods caused by bumps

  7. The brand engineering solid tires recognized by domestic engineering vehicles are adopted, with high elasticity and wear resistance.

  8. 180-degree slewing frame, minimum turning radius (180-degree turn in place)

  9. Equipped with universal connector, the operation is very flexible.

Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailers Can Be OEM Customized

Large-scale transportation tools such as heavy-duty flatbed trailers usually need to be customized in advance, and customers have different requirements for size and load capacity according to their own needs. The load capacity of the 150T we recently produced is customized for Nigerian customers. For this kind of heavy-duty flatbed trailer with a large load capacity, our engineers have effectively reduced the turning radius of the vehicle and the power required for turning. It enables the vehicle to run freely inside and outside the workshop limited by space, and at the same time strengthens the bending resistance of the 11m-long vehicle body. The suspension adopts bridge box suspension, which ensures the safety of the goods during transportation even if the road is uneven. If it is necessary to paint the road in the factory building, it can be equipped with environmentally friendly non-marking tires. Even if it is fully loaded, the vehicle will not leave tire marks on the factory floor. The solid wood countertop effectively protects the goods. This product is easy to use, easy to maintain, large carrying capacity, long service life and so on. It is widely used in many industries such as machinery, metallurgy, warehousing and transportation, and the combination of tractors makes the flat panel play a pivotal role in various fields.


Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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