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How to Extend The Service Life of Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

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How to Extend The Service Life of Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer
Once customers have purchased high quality and durable semi trailers such as the fuel tanker semi trailers from Vehicle Master, it's very important to understand how to extend the service life of these trailers. There are many aspects of how to do so such as doing maintenance regularly and driving the fuel tanker semi trailer correctly.


Maintenance Frequency

The more the mileage of the tanker trailer, the lazier people are to do maintenance. When the tanker trailer is new, the maintenance frequency is very high. Even if there is a small problem, owners tend to go to the shop to have it looked at. However, once the tanker trailer has been used to transport goods for a long time, the maintenance becomes less and less important to many people. In fact, the maintenance frequency of the tanker trailer should be proportional to its mileage. The longer the tanker trailer has been used and the greater the mileage, the more frequent the maintenance should be. For example, a new tanker trailer should be maintained every 10,000 kilometers, while a 10-year-old tanker trailer should be maintained every 1,000 kilometers. That is why it is stipulated that old tanker trailers over 6 years old need inspection every year.

Avoid Turning The Steering Wheel to The Limit

In the process of learning to drive, the coach sometimes asks the students to "turn the steering wheel to the limit", which is to make the tanker trailer move more accurately. However, after the learning period during real world driving, many tanker trailer owners still keep this habit and even intensify the direction. This habit is very harmful to the tanker trailer because doing so will greatly increase the wear of the ball head and connecting rod of the steering system. In addition, for vehicles with power steering, when the steering wheel is killed, the output of the power pump to the steering gear is the largest, resulting in a sharp increase in the oil pressure and oil temperature inside the power system, which is likely to cause damage or leakage of the power system.



Avoid Slamming The Brake

Slamming the accelerator and slamming the brakes are the driving methods that many people like to use intentionally or untentionally. Semi trailers Mainly use disc brakes and drum brakes. Disc brakes use the friction between the brake pads and the brake disc to generate braking energy, where the brake pads are wear parts. Frequent slamming on the brakes will greatly shorten the life of the brake pads. Some semi trailers can replace the brake pads at 40,000 kilometers, while some other semi trailers need to be replaced at 10,000 kilometers. If the drum brakes are often slammed, it is easy to cause the brakes to overheat and fail. It is quite dangerous. Therefore, slamming on the brakes should always be the last resort. We should always step on the brakes periodically when needed.

Avoid Accelerating When The Road Is Uneven

Many people drive fast and violently. They do not slow down when going over speed bumps and ditches. When encountering potholes, these drivers tend to increase throttle and speed up. These habits can easily affect the wheel alignment system at light level and cause the vehicle to deviate, affect the life of the tires, and at worst, or affect the vehicle’s suspension.

Avoid Getting On and Off The Curb

This behavior is considered the "killer" of tires. According to statistics from well reputable companies, 70% of tire damages in China are caused by cars getting on and off the curb. In particular, squeezing the tires while driving on the curb sideways can easily lead to tire rupture.

Avoid Driving When Gas Tank Is Almost Empty

If the fuel tank warning light is on, it means that there is not much left in the tank. But old drivers know that with the remaining fuel, ordinary vehicles can still travel for dozens of kilometers. However, the gasoline pump of many models is directly installed at the bottom of the fuel tank, and the gasoline pump relies on gasoline for lubrication and cooling. If the amount of gasoline is too much, the gasoline pump cannot be properly lubricated and cooled under driving conditions, which can easily cause damage to the pump.

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