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How to choose the most cost-effective semi-trailer?

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How to choose the most cost-effective semi-trailer?
As one of the most widely used models in the logistics industry, semi-trailers play an extremely important role in road transportation. Some ready-to-enter readers often ask me, is it better to buy a new semi-trailer or a used one? Let’s analyze this question in detail today.

New semi-trailers are definitely better than used ones, both in theory and in practice. All parts of the new semi-trailer are new and have a longer service life. And the new semi-trailer avoids the disadvantages of the used model as much as possible. Even the new semi-trailer looks better. But the biggest advantage of a used semi-trailer is - save money! money! money! The same model, the old semi-trailer is definitely much cheaper than the new one. Therefore, you have to know what the purpose of buying a trailer is, how much money you have on hand, and whether the money you make in your business is worth buying a new trailer. These factors need to be weighed and calculated by yourself.


If you finally decided to buy a new trailer, usually, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. The first is the steel plate material. The quality of the steel plate directly determines the quality of the semi-trailer.

2. The technical level of each semi-trailer manufacturer is not the same, from the design of the semitrailer to the equipment for the production of the semitrailer, to the experience of the production workers, all of which affect the final quality and experience of the semitrailer, so we had better choose a more reliable manufacturer with a certain industry foundation and production scale.

3. Details. The details of the semi-trailer are very important, such as the welding method of the traction plate. The traction plate designed now has several small holes in the middle and all around, which can play the role of drainage and avoid corrosion problems. For example, hydraulic detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer, the girder at the front gooseneck is prone to breakage, and a reinforcing plate is needed at this time; and the suspension is an important load-bearing part, and the weld should be full during welding, and a suspension pad should be added below the suspension. This is where we can refer to.

There are many trailer manufacturers in the world, the above points can help you choose the right one for yourself.


If you finally decided to buy a used trailer, here are a few things to keep in mind:

About the quality of used trailers: The quality of used trailer is uneven. Compared with brand new semi-trailers, some used ones have little difference in function, but the price is much cheaper. However, there are also some accident trailers, refurbished trailers, etc., which are shoddy by bad trailers dealers. We need to avoid the pits when buying. About how to identify what trailer you bought; I will explain it in detail in a future article. If you can't identify, you must choose a reputable and regular large company.

About the price of used trailers: For used semi-trailers, it is difficult to set a price. It needs to be based on its brand, manufacturer, mileage, usage, repair, complete documents, engine, appearance, accessories, interior, etc. The factors are comprehensively determined.

Generally speaking, I believe that you need to buy used trailers which have been in use within 1-3 years. And do NOT consider trailers which have been in use more than 5 years, although their prices are indeed cheap. They cannot be fully maintained after they are purchased. All kinds of repair costs and time costs are factored in, you can almost buy a new one.

In addition, even if the same model of the same brand has different emission standards, the price will also be different. The higher the emission standard, the higher the price.

There are also some big brands of used semitrailers, because they are more guaranteed in follow-up maintenance and their quality is more guaranteed, they are more popular than small brands.

Under normal circumstances, the first-line brand trailers are depreciated by about 20% in the first year, and other brands are depreciated by about 30% in the first year.

If the vehicle and the condition of the vehicle are OK, and the procedures are complete, the used semi-trailer can reach about 65% of the price of the new car of the same model.

How to buy the most cost-effective used semi-trailer?

1. Buy an almost new trailer.

What is an almost new trailer? That is to say, a trailer that has been used for less than 2 years and has a very small mileage can also be classified as a new one with a maintenance record. Such a model has been evaluated, as long as it is not an accident trailer, it is very worth buying. This kind of trailer does not need to pay the purchase tax. If the price is also favorable, it is a type that is hard to come by. If the price is almost the same as a new one, it can also save the purchase tax, license fee, road maintenance fee, etc., which can still save a lot of money.

2. Buy a model that has just been reduced in price.

The sales price of used semi-trailers is greatly affected by the price of new ones. If you want to buy a used semi-trailer, don’t rush to buy it when you notice that the price of the new trail has dropped, because the price fluctuations of used semi-trailers of the same specification may lag a little, and the price needs a buffer period. Of course, for used semi-trailers, the price fluctuations may not be as obvious as for new ones, but at least part of the cost can be saved.

3. It is more cost-effective to buy a trailer in the off-season.

Used semi-trailer transactions generally have low and high seasons. During the off-season, there are more used trailer in the market and the sales are average. Dealers will take measures, such as price cuts, spare parts delivery, and maintenance. The more discounts, the more benefits the trailer owners get.

4. Choose mainstream models.

When purchasing a used semi-trailer, follow-up maintenance and maintenance issues should be considered, such as whether the trailer is easy to repair, whether the parts are easy to buy, the price of the parts, and whether the maintenance is affordable, etc. Once some non-mainstream models are damaged, it may not even be easy to buy accessories, and even if they can be bought, the price is very expensive. Therefore, if you don't have much money and you want to be practical, it's best to consider mainstream models.

5. Try to find reliable suppliers to deal with.

The use of the previous owner has a great impact on the price of used trailers. In order to reduce or avoid being pitted, it is best to find a reliable supplier to buy.

In addition, it is recommended that after purchasing a used semi-trailer, the owner should go to a professional repair shop to test the axle. If the performance is not good, it is recommended to replace the axle directly. After all, the axle contains many parts such as axles, hubs, bearings, etc. The number of parts is large and the precision is high, and the damage of any part will affect the use and safety of the trailer. Vehicle Master is one of the enterprises that specialize in mass production of trailer axles in China, and its strength, technology and craftsmanship are in the forefront of the industry. In terms of price, it has always adhered to the cost-effective route. Vehicle Master 's product line is rich, flatbed trailers, skeleton trailers, lowbed trailers and used trucks etc. are all covered, which can meet the different needs of users.

Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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