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How to identify the quality of a semi trailer?

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How to identify the quality of a semi trailer?
At present, the proportion of semi-trailer transportation in the transportation industry is increasing, and it undertakes more than 40% of the road transportation volume, including car transportation vehicles, short-distance iron ladle transportation vehicles, container transportation vehicles and large flatbed transportation vehicles. There are more and more manufacturers producing semi-trailers, so how can consumers distinguish the quality of semi-trailers when they buy them? Today we will mainly talk about this issue.

Users who drive semi trailers for a long time generally have a certain ability to distinguish which semi trailers are of good quality and which semi trailers are unreliable, so they have a guide line when choosing products. But for beginners, the current semi-trailer market is mixed, and illegally assembled semi-trailers are popular in the market to fight price wars and produce inferior products, posing a great threat to the safety of consumers' lives and property. Since novices have no experience, it is easy to be fooled by unscrupulous merchants.

How to choose a high-quality semi trailer?

First, all manufacturers listed in the national catalogue put the company's sign on the front or rear of the car in a prominent position, and mark it: manufacturer, product name, model, size, production date, etc. In addition, many manufacturers also spray the manufacturer's name and sales phone number on both sides of the carriage. The illegally assembled semi-trailer has neither the manufacturer's sign nor the manufacturer's name, at best a sales phone is sprayed.

Second, the purchase of semi-trailers should be purchased from large-scale and reputable regular semi trailer manufacturers, because the products here are all semi-trailers that are listed in the national catalog and are not illegally assembled. Due to the high business reputation of these units, in case the If there is a quality problem with the products sold, they will be responsible to the end. In addition, in the larger automobile market, there are industrial and commercial administrative personnel stationed in the market to verify the sales qualifications of the sellers and the production qualifications of the products they sell.

Third, before purchasing a semi-trailer, you can also consult with users who have already purchased it to see which products they use. In the market, you get what you get for every penny. You must not buy an illegally assembled car because it is cheap. This kind of car is much cheaper than the products of regular manufacturers, but what you buy is likely to be a hidden danger, and it is very likely that you will regret it for life.

The reason why some customers choose semi-trailers produced by informal enterprises is mainly from an economic point of view. First, the price of unqualified semi-trailer refitting enterprises is cheaper than that of regular products, and the price difference is between 20,000 and 30,000 RMB; second, this kind of semi-trailer is light in weight and profitable. The user buys a semi-trailer with a light weight in order to earn the difference between the approved load capacity of the driver's license and the weight of the whole vehicle. Master Xiong, who has 15 years of experience in trailer driving, calculated an account: "If the weight of the whole vehicle on the driver's license is 8 tons, if you buy a semi-trailer with thin steel plate and light weight, and reduce the weight by 2 tons, then each shipment can be Earn an extra 2 tons of freight. But this kind of trailer is prone to steel plate distortion, unstable rear axle connection, serious tire wear, etc., and the traffic accidents caused by this are not few. And the service life of this semi-trailer Both are very short, and after-sales service is not guaranteed.”

How to identify the quality of skeleton semi trailers?

When we customize the skeleton semi trailer, it is very important to check the quality of the semi-trailer correctly. What aspects do we need to identify?

1. Start the inspection from the girder of the skeleton semi-trailer

We need to check whether the vertical plate of the girder is perpendicular to the core plate, because the skeleton semi-trailer is mainly a semi-trailer that pulls the container. After the container is loaded, if the vertical plate is not vertical, the contact area of the container will be incomplete, resulting in the container breaking or damage.

2. Check the skeleton of the skeleton semi-trailer

The skeleton of the skeleton semi-trailer is the welding method that adopts the discontinuous weighing. We use the 14*14 formula for the general term. The broken scale needs to be fully welded, and the weld should be thick enough.

3. Check the electrical circuit

The skeleton semi-trailer is not the same as the ordinary semi-trailer, there is no floor on it, so the wires and air pipes are leaked outside. It is easily oxidized by wind and sun exposure. The skeleton semi-trailers we make generally use all-copper wires and pipes are placed on the outside. Effectively prevent oxidation of wires. Or damage to wires and air pipes when repairing the semi-trailer.

4. The production equipment is one of the factors that determine the quality of semi-trailers.

It is certainly impossible for beginners to understand products from many brands and different qualities, and it is impossible to be too professional.

When purchasing a semi-trailer, the price is one aspect, and the quality of the semi-trailer is more worrying. For this reason, many customers will shop around and go to several trailer factories for on-the-spot inspection to see the scale of the manufacturer and the level of trailer manufacturing. Take a comprehensive decision to decide which trailer to buy. Good equipment is one of the factors that determines the quality of the semi-trailer, so I won't talk nonsense.

The three necessary equipments for the production of trailers are: underwater cutting machine, automatic submerged arc welding and shot blasting machine. These three items directly reflect the production level of the trailer factory. Here's what these three things do.

Automatic submerged arc welding

Ensure that the beam welding is uniform and automatic submerged arc welding. The automatic submerged arc welding is mainly used to weld the girders. The seamless welding technology without dead joints is used to uniformly weld the girders at one time. It can effectively avoid the occurrence of girder welding and girder breakage caused by artificial welding and many joints. The price of automatic submerged arc welding is only tens of thousands for small ones and more than 100,000 for large ones. If the trailer factory you visit does not even have automatic submerged arc welding, you must be careful.

Underwater cutting machine

The underwater cutting machine is mainly used to cut steel. Compared with the flame cutting used by some small factories, the temperature of the underwater cutting machine arc breaking through the steel is relatively low, which can effectively reduce the change in the rigidity of the steel due to annealing. Compared with manual cutting, the cutting is more beautiful. The flame cutting and high temperature flame annealing of steel used by small factories will change the carbon content in the steel, which will reduce the performance of the steel. The underwater cutting machine has obvious advantages, but the price is relatively expensive, the price is about 500,000.

Shot blasting machine

The main function of the shot blasting machine is to strengthen the beam and protect the trailer beam from problems. It is mainly reflected in two aspects:

1. Change the rigidity of the steel damaged by the flame cutting, and change the structure of the steel to make the rigidity of the entire beam evenly distributed, so as to avoid the occurrence of the tragedy of the beam breaking, cracking or bursting.

2. The shot blasting machine can effectively polish all parts of the girder, avoid the places where the dead corners are not polished, make the painting more uniform, and prevent the paint from falling off and rusting in the later stage of the girder.

Shot blasting machines are very expensive. The price is roughly around 3 million, which is not some small factories can afford. Manufacturers who can equip shot blasting machines can be said to be very professional.


The above elements can be judged with a little professional knowledge, but a good horse with a good saddle while a semi trailer that meets the quality requirements is the right choice for customers.

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