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Inventory of Special Tailers Related to Bitumen

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Inventory of Special Tailers Related to Bitumen
Special trailers related to bitumen can be divided into four types, namely: bitumen tanker trailers, bitumen distribution trailers, bitumen pavement hot recycling repair trailers and bitumen gravel synchronous sealing trailers. Below is a detailed introduction to these trailers.

Bitumen Tanker Trailers


Bitumen tanker trailers are used to transport bitumen. The section of bitumen tanker trailer’s body is circular with large volume, compact structure, and low center of gravity. Heating system and diesel burners are usually equipped on the tanker trailer. The unique heated oil transfer system is used to heat and insulate the asphalt pump and valve. The hydraulic system drives asphalt pump and heated oil transfer pump. The transmission process is reliable and convenient.

When the oil storage tank is lower than the bitumen tanker trailer, the content can be directly unloaded by gravity. When the oil storage tank is higher than the trailer, pressure pump will be used to unload. When asphalt is being heated, internal circulation can be carried out to improve the heating quality. Asphalt is injected through the manhole on top of the tank.

Performance Characteristics of Bitumen Tanker Trailers

1. The whole trailer structure has a small turning radius; the tank section is a trapezoidal circle, with a large volume, a low center of gravity and a compact structure;

2. The bitumen tank is equipped with a heating system, equipped with imported diesel burners, with good combustion quality and no pollution;

3. The bitumen pump and valve are heated and insulated by a unique heat-conducting oil system; the bitumen pump and the heat-conducting oil pump are driven by the hydraulic system, with reliable transmission and convenient operation;

4. Multi-function pumping system, reliable transmission and convenient operation, can meet various needs in bitumen transportation; it has a full-range liquid level display and a full-level alarm system, which is convenient for the control of the bitumen liquid level in the tank;

5. Self-flow unloading: when the oil storage tank is lower than the bitumen trailer, it can be directly discharged by gravity;

6. Pressure discharge: when the oil storage tank is higher than the bitumen trailer, pressure pumping is used;

7. Self-pump suction: The bitumen in the thermal insulation tank or oil storage tank can be sucked into the car through its own oil discharge pipe, without the need for an external pump;

8. Internal circulation: In the process of bitumen heating, internal circulation can be carried out to improve the quality of bitumen heating;

9. External pump input: Bitumen can be injected through the tank top access hole;

10. It is suitable for various conditions of operation, with large traction, strong bearing capacity and comfortable driving.

Bitumen Distribution Trailers


Bitumen spreader refers to a tank-type special-purpose trailer equipped with a thermal insulation container, a bitumen pump, a heater and a spraying system for spraying bitumen; it can also be defined as a type of liquid bitumen that sprays hot bitumen, emulsified bitumen, residual oil, etc. It can be widely used in road construction, such as highways, urban roads, airports, port terminals and reservoirs. The large-capacity bitumen distributor can also be used as an bitumen carrier, mainly used in the construction and maintenance projects of bitumen penetration method surface treatment, penetration layer, sticky layer, in-situ mixing of mixtures, and bitumen stabilized soil.

Structural Characteristics of Bitumen Distribution Trailers

(1) Bitumen tank

It consists of liner, thermal insulation material, shell, partition, combustion chamber, bitumen pipeline in the tank, heat transfer oil pipeline, gas storage tank, fuel filler, capacity meter, decorative plate, etc. The tank body is an elliptical cylinder, the inner and outer layers are welded by steel plates, and the aluminum silicate insulation material is filled between the two layers, the thickness is 50-100mm, and the outer layer is covered with stainless steel plate. There is a sinking groove at the bottom, which is convenient for the bitumen in the tank to be exhausted. There are 5 mounting feet at the bottom of the tank body, which are welded together with the sub-beam, and then fixed on the frame. The outer layer of the combustion chamber is a heat-conducting oil heating chamber, and a row of heat-conducting oil heating pipes is installed at the bottom. Volume meters are used to indicate the level of bitumen in the tank.

(2) Power transmission system

It consists of power take-off, pump transmission, hydraulic system, etc. Generally, the hydraulic pump is driven by the output power of the power take-off installed on the output port of the chassis engine or transmission to provide the necessary power for the bitumen spreading device. The hydraulic system consists of hydraulic pump, relief valve, reversing valve, hydraulic motor, hydraulic pipeline. etc. composition.

(3) Bitumen pump and piping system

It consists of bitumen pump, filter, valve, spray pipeline, cylinder nozzle assembly, etc. The flow direction of liquid bitumen in the pipeline is controlled by different combinations of valves. The main functions are as follows: self-priming bitumen filling, rear pipe spraying, portable nozzle spraying, circulation, back suction, cleaning, etc.

(4) Bitumen heating and heat transfer oil system

It consists of a combustion heating system and a heat transfer oil circulating heating system.

(5) Bitumen pipeline cleaning system

There are 2 parts of diesel cleaning and high pressure air flushing. The diesel cleaning part is composed of diesel tank, oil inlet copper ball valve and pipeline, and the high-pressure air flushing part is composed of air storage cylinder, one-way valve, air valve, etc.

(6) Electrical and control system

The electrical control system is divided into two parts: DC circuit and AC circuit. The DC circuit is composed of power take-off, reducer, cooler, hydraulic reversing valve, rear nozzle lift, rear work light control circuit and automatic control system circuit; the AC circuit is composed of generator, burner, heat conduction oil motor circuit.

Bitumen Pavement Hot Recycling Repair Trailers

bitumen-pavement-hot recycling-repair-trailers2.png

Bitumen pavement hot recycling repair trailer is a pavement hot recycling maintenance trailer. It is equipped with a bitumen mixture heating box, an emulsified bitumen spraying device, and a bitumen pavement heating plate. Bitumen pavement hot regeneration repairing trailer is a point-to-point comprehensive regeneration repairing equipment for bitumen pavement diseases. It is suitable for repairing various bitumen pavement diseases such as highways, national and provincial trunk lines, airports, municipal roads, etc. The repairs mainly include pavement potholes, net cracks, cracks, groves and local damage to the pavement. The construction is not limited by seasons, and it can fully meet the maintenance requirements of quick placement, quick repair and quick evacuation. And it has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, less pollution, low cost and simple operation.

Functional Characteristics of Bitumen Pavement Hot Recycling Repair Trailers

bitumen-pavement-hot recycling-repair-trailers.png

1. Completely solve the problems of many construction workers, high labor intensity, many hidden dangers, heavy environmental pollution and poor repairing effect in the repairing process;

2. Completely solve the problem that old materials or cold materials need to be heated in winter or when the mixing station is not open;

3. Completely solve the problem of poor repairing effect caused by the drop of material temperature during transportation;

4. Completely solve the problem of difficult and troublesome maintenance of the material box, and basically maintenance-free for life;

5. Completely solve the problem of poor disposal of waste materials after maintenance;

6. Completely solve the problem of weak seams after manual repair, and solve the problem of quick repair and rapid evacuation.

Bitumen Gravel Synchronous Sealings Trailers


The so-called synchronous gravel seal layer is to use special equipment, that is, a synchronous gravel sealer trailer, to synchronously spread gravel and bonding materials (modified bitumen or modified emulsified bitumen) on the road surface, and form a single layer through natural driving. Bitumen gravel wear layer is mainly used as a pavement surface layer, and can also be used as a low-grade road surface layer. The biggest advantage of the synchronous crushed stone sealing technology is to spread the bonding material and stone simultaneously, so that the high-temperature bonding material sprayed on the road can be instantly combined with the crushed stone without cooling down, so as to ensure the bonding material and stone material. strong bond between.

Bitumen gravel synchronous sealings trailers have good anti-skid performance and anti-seepage performance, and can effectively cure road diseases such as poor oil, grain loss, slight net cracks, rutting, subsidence, etc. It is mainly used for preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance of roads. As well as improving the anti-skid performance of high-grade road surfaces. This new maintenance technology can be used for both highways and ordinary roads. More than 95% of the roads in France and Europe use synchronous gravel seals for road maintenance.

In addition, the synchronous gravel seal can also be used as a low-grade road surface. More than 40% of the roads in France directly use the gravel seal as the road surface, and the use effect is good. Therefore, in the case of insufficient highway construction funds, the use of low-cost synchronous gravel seals as low-grade highway pavements is undoubtedly an effective measure to improve the road network paving rate.

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