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Liquid Tank Semi Trailer

This is a tank semi-trailer produced by Vehicle Master for the transportation of liquids.
Price: Direct factory. Order now and get 10% off.
Axles: 3 Axle (Customizable)
Tank Volume: 30 - 70 CBM (Customizable)
Material: Carbon Steel / Aluminum / Stainless Steel
Delivery Time: Within 30 working days, Can be expedited
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty on Main Structure
WhatsApp: +86-18866100060​​​​​​
Email: Bowen@vehiclemaster.com
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Liquid Tank Semi Trailer Introduction 

Liquid transportation is a common practice in the transport industry, involving a variety of products such as petroleum, chemical products, water, food-grade liquids, and more. The liquid tanker semi trailer produced by Vehicle Master is a robust and reliable solution designed specifically for the safe transport of various liquids. This trailer undergoes precise design and incorporates advanced components, tailored to meet the diverse needs of liquid logistics across different industries.

Liquid Tank Semi Trailer

Specification of Liquid Tank Semi Trailer

Liquid Tank Semi Trailer


Carbon Steel/Aluminum/Stainless Steel

Volume of Tank

20-55 CBM Customized


2 Axles / 3 Axles / 4 Axles Customized


1 to 9



Vehicle Examination

X-RAY Room Examination

Tank Shape

D Style / Round Style


2/3/4 Axles *13/16 Ton 



12R22.5 / 11.00r20, 8/12/16 Pieces

Linglong / Triangle / DoubleCoin / Bridgestone / Other

Suspension System

Vehicle Master Mechanical or Air Suspension

Landing Gear

28 Tons Two Speed


Vehicle Painting

Polyurethane combination painting

Main Advantages of Liquid Tank Semi Trailer

  • Electrophoretic Coating: Vehicle Master employs an advanced surface coating technology known as electrophoretic coating, where the coating evenly covers every surface, including edges and hard-to-reach areas, providing comprehensive protection. With excellent corrosion resistance, it combats chemicals, humidity, and other environmental factors, extending the lifespan of the semi-trailer.

  • Axles: Employing a multi-axle configuration ensures stable support for the semi-trailer during transportation, even in challenging road conditions, maintaining stability. The arrangement of axles is designed to achieve a balanced load distribution, ensuring a smooth and controllable vehicle throughout the transportation process.

  • Tires: When selecting tires, consideration is given to their outstanding load-bearing capacity to ensure they can safely and effectively support the load of the liquid tanker semi-trailer. Vehicle Master Factory also takes into account their wear resistance and support on rough terrain to reduce replacement frequency and enhance the reliability of the semi-trailer.

  • Diversified Customization Solutions: Mechanical or air suspension can be customized based on your usage requirements, and the size and material of the tank can also be customized. Whatever your usage needs, Vehicle Master strives to meet them to the maximum extent possible.

Liquid Tank Semi Trailer

When purchasing a liquid tanker semi trailer from Vehicle Master, what services are provided?

  • Customized Production Service: Vehicle Master offers customized production services, manufacturing liquid tanker semi-trailers tailored to specific requirements and specifications as per the customer's needs.

  • Technical Support: Customers will receive technical support after purchase, including guidance on product use, maintenance, and care.

  • After-Sales Service: Vehicle Master provides comprehensive after-sales service to ensure customers experience optimal performance and reliability during the use of the liquid tanker semi-trailer.

  • Supply of Spare Parts: The company supplies original spare parts, ensuring the highest quality when replacement or repair of components is needed.

  • Training Services: Specifically for customer operators and maintenance personnel, Vehicle Master offers corresponding training services to ensure proper use and maintenance of the liquid tanker semi-trailer.


Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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