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Operation and Maintenance for 3 Axle Cargo Fence Semi Trailer

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Operation and Maintenance for 3 Axle Cargo Fence Semi Trailer
The operation and maintenance for 3 axle cargo fence semi trailer is extremely important. Because the 3 axle cargo fence semi trailer can be customized according to the types of goods transported. Its practical design allows maximum weight reduction. The structure is simple and convenient to disassemble. This reduces investment cost which in terms increase more profit for users.

As the main transport vehicle in the transportation industry, operation and maintenance for 3 axle cargo fence semi trailer should be paid more attention to the lubrication when maintaining regularly. This is to make the cargo fence semi-trailer run more smoothly and flexibly. What else should vehicle owners pay attention to when choosing the lubricating oil for this type or any type of semi-trailer?



The Importance of Lubrication Oil for 3 Axle Cargo Fence Semi Trailer

  • The larger the load of the 3 axle cargo fence semi-trailer, the more adhering the selected lubricating oil will need to be. The larger the load, the higher the viscosity of the lubricating oil.

  • If the working environment of the cargo fence semi-trailer is humid or foggy, it is necessary to choose a lubricant with strong anti-emulsification. For environment with a corrosive odor, choose the oil with good corrosion resistance.

Lubrication and Wear Reduction

There is rapid relative sliding between the piston and the cylinder, and between the main shaft and the bearing bush. The use of oil can have a good lubricating effect and prevent the parts from being worn too quickly.


Shock Absorption and Buffering

When the pressure of the engine cylinder port rises sharply, the load on the piston, piston chips, connecting rod and crankshaft bearing is suddenly increased. The oil can be the buffer for the impact.



The Cause for 3 Axle Cargo Fence Semi Trailer's Main Beam to Break

The main beams are the main load-bearing components of the 3 axle cargo fence semi trailer. Nobody wants to see the girders to break. However, if they do break,  here may be the reason:

  1. If the main beam of the cargo fence semi-trailer is produced with inferior steel, problems may occur. The vehicle cannot carry the designed load, which will cause the main beam to break.

  2. If the cargo fence semi-trailer is designed to save costs and cut corners. Generally, this is done by compromising the size of the girders. The original 14mm thick vertical plates could be reduced to only 10mm vertical plates, while the customer still uses the trailer to pull goods according to the 14mm bearing capacity. This will result long-term overloading of the main beams and fractures are uninevitable.

  3. In addition to the fracture of the web, there is also the phenomenon of cracking of the lower wing plate. There are two main reasons for this. One is the technical problem of the welder.



When Driving 3 axle Cargo Fence Semi Trailer under Foggy Weather

Control The Speed

The visibility is low in foggy days, which has a great impact on the driver's line of sight. Therefore, we must pay attention to controlling the speed so that we can brake in time when necessary. Drive to a roadside safety zone or parking lot and wait until the fog clears or visibility improves before continuing.

Have A Clear Vision

In foggy weather, the windshield of the semi-trailer is easy to condense water vapor, which will negatively influence the driver's driving vision. It will also make the headlights frin oncoming car look particularly bright. Therefore, when driving in fog, use wipers frequently. Remove water vapor to ensure clarity of driving condition.

Correct Use of Lights

When driving in fog, lighting is very important. Before taking off, the driver must check all the lights on the trailer in advance. It is also very important to pay attention to the following points when driving: turn on the fog lights, tail lights, width lights and low beam headlights. Make full use of lights to further improve visibility.

Use The Horn Frequently

In foggy days, the visibility is low and the vision poor. Frequently honking the horn can remind pedestrians and other vehicles. When you hear the horn of other vehicles, you should immediately honk to indicate the location of your vehicle.


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