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Semi trailer parts manufacturer in China

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Semi trailer parts manufacturer in China
Semi-trailer parts refer to various parts used in semi-trailers, the more common parts are axles, suspensions, leaf springs, landing gears, air chambers, air tanks, steel rings, tires, relay valves, rope tensioner, spare tire lifter, tie rod, traction pin, lights, etc. We are Semi trailer parts manufacturer in China. For trailer parts, we specialize in trailer axle, trailer suspension, trailer landing gear, and truck trailer tires.

Semi-trailer parts, as the name suggests, refer to various parts used in semi-trailers, the more common trailer parts are axles, suspensions, leaf springs, landing gears, air chambers, air tanks, steel rings, tires, relay valves, rope tensioner, spare tire lifter, tie rod, traction pin, lights, etc. Among them, traction pins, axles, tires, steel rings, landing gears and suspensions are the main purchased parts.

Let's get acquainted with these semi-trailer accessories first.

1. Traction pin


The main function of the semi-trailer traction pin is to connect the semi-trailer with the tractor, connect it with the traction seat of the main vehicle, and tow the semi-trailer. The traction pin is an important component that bears the traction force to drive the trailer forward.

At present, the traction pins on the market are mainly divided into 4 types, assembly 50, assembly 90, welding 50, welding 90, users can choose according to different models and actual use conditions.

2. Axle


Semi-trailer axle refers to the axle assembly specially used on semi-trailer. It is a key component of the vehicle chassis. It usually includes auxiliary accessories such as axles, brakes and suspensions. It is connected to the trailer body through the suspension and installed at both ends of the axle. The main function of the wheel is to carry the load of the trailer and maintain the normal driving of the vehicle. The suspension is connected to the frame, and wheels are installed at both ends, which play an important role in the power, stability, and bearing capacity of the car. Under normal circumstances, when it comes to the power core of a semi-trailer, car owners can easily think of the engine and gearbox. But in fact, the axle is also one of the semi-trailer power core assemblies, which plays a linking role in the power transmission process. The axle is directly related to the load-bearing, braking and driving of the semi-trailer. In order to fully guarantee the semi-trailer's attendance, safety performance and economic benefits during long-distance travel, it is very important to choose a high-quality axle.

3. Tires


The semi-trailer tires are in contact with the road surface and bear the weight of the car. Together with the suspension of the semi-trailer, they play a role in mitigating the impact, maintaining good adhesion to the road surface, and improving the traction, braking and passing of the semi-trailer. If a semi-trailer is not supported by wear-resistant, heat-resistant and durable tires, its safety performance and economic benefits will not be possible. Tires are rubber products, which will naturally age in addition to wear and tear. Car owners usually need to pay attention to the maintenance and inspection of tires, clean up debris in time, and replace them in time if cracks are found.

4. Steel ring


The steel rim is also called the wheel hub, which refers to the cylindrical part that supports the tire inside the tire and is mounted on the axle in the center. It is an important part of the semi-trailer. The semi-trailer travel process will generate lateral and longitudinal loads, accompanied by driving torque and braking torque, so the wheel hub needs to bear a considerable part of the load, the longitudinal and lateral vibration should be small, the unbalance and inertia moment should be small, and the stiffness, strength and accuracy should be small. high. In order to meet the market demand, the steel rings launched by many semi-trailer manufacturers have been improved, such as the design of the sealing structure, the simplification of maintenance procedures, and the extension of maintenance cycles. Buyers can choose according to their needs when purchasing.

5. Landing gear


The trailer landing gear is a semi-trailer support device, which utilizes the principle of "standing on the top of the jack" and is located at the front end of the semi-trailer frame. It is used after the semi-trailer is separated from the tractor. As an important tool in the area where the force is concentrated, its role is very critical.

The main landing gears are as follows:

Single action landing gear

There is a gear box on each side of this type of landing gear, which is divided into two types: built-in and external. With two cranks, they can be lifted and lowered independently. There are two gears: high and low speed. The load must use a low speed gear. This type is the most basic traditional landing gear, which has strong adaptability and can be used on both flat and uneven ground.

Linked landing gear

This type of landing gear only has a gear box for the main leg. Through a crank handle and a connecting rod connecting the main and auxiliary landing gears, the main and auxiliary landing gears can be controlled to rise and fall at the same time. It is also divided into two gears, high and low speed, which is the most basic tradition. The upgraded version of the landing gear has doubled the lifting efficiency compared to the single-action landing gear, but this kind of landing gear is only suitable for flat road surfaces, and it can only be used when the support surface is basically level by the cushion block.

Aluminum alloy landing gear

This type of landing gear is a product that should be lightweight, with a self-weight of about 30-40KG. Most of them are single-action type. The function is basically the same as that of the single-action landing gear. It is only suitable for no-load conditions. Compared with traditional iron landing gears , light weight, but insufficient rigidity.

Hydraulic landing gear

This type of landing gear is an upgraded replacement product of the traditional landing gear, and it is also an innovative application of electromechanical-hydraulic integration in the trailer industry. As a whole, this landing gear can be said to be an integrated micro-hydraulic system. After the rated pressure, the direction of the oil circuit is controlled by the solenoid valve on and off, so that the oil cylinder can be extended or retracted individually or at the same time, that is, the lifting of the landing gear.

This landing gear has a high degree of automation. Within the effective stroke of the oil cylinder, the landing gear can be automatically balanced, which is suitable for various road conditions. The tonnage support force is suitable for high-frequency drop-and-hang transportation in pursuit of high efficiency, but the self-weight is heavy, and the cost is about 5 times that of ordinary landing gears. In addition, there are fewer maintenance points at present, and the later maintenance costs are relatively high, resulting in less market applications at present. .

Pneumatic landing gear

This type of landing gear is adjusted to the rated air pressure by the automatic pressure-regulating relief valve through the pressure generated in the vehicle-mounted gas cylinder, and the pneumatic solenoid valve is turned on and off to control the direction of the air path, and control the cylinder hidden in the landing gear to expand and contract individually or at the same time. , that is, to realize the lifting and lowering of the landing gears.

This landing gear is similar to the hydraulic landing gear, eliminating the need for a crank handle and a gear transmission mechanism, with a high degree of automation. Within the effective stroke of the cylinder, the landing gear can also achieve automatic balance, which is suitable for various road conditions, and only needs to be lifted and lowered by an electric switch Operation, no traditional crank handle, high lifting efficiency, also suitable for efficient drop-and-hang transportation, the self-weight is lighter than the hydraulic landing gear, and there is no need to worry about oil leakage. same question.

6. Suspension


Semi trailer suspension is a general term for the force transmission connection device between the frame and the axle of a semi-trailer. Its function is to transmit the force and torsion acting between the wheels and the frame, and buffer the impact transmitted from the uneven road to the frame or body. force and reduce the vibration caused by it, so as to ensure that the car can drive smoothly. Semi-trailer suspension can be divided into steel plate suspension, air suspension, rigid suspension and single-point suspension. Among them, the steel plate suspension has the highest application rate of ordinary semi-trailers in China. With the introduction and implementation of relevant laws and regulations, the utilization rate of air suspension is increasing, especially in the high-end transportation field, air suspension has obvious advantages and is more and more favored by car owners. There are differences in the performance of these four types of suspensions, which need to be selected according to the purpose of the vehicle.


The above are the main accessories of the semi-trailer. So, which manufacturer of semi-trailer parts in China is reliable? Looking at the current semi-trailer parts market in China, there are high-profit industry giants on one side, and workshop-style products with substandard craftsmanship on the other side. The trend of polarization is more obvious. But there are also brands with reliable quality and reasonable price. Buyers need to shop around when purchasing. For example, the axles, axles and semi-trailer accessories produced by Vehicle Master have been standing in the market for more than 20 years. The quality can stand the test, the price is also very competitive, and the cost performance is excellent, which is very popular among users.

Compared with single transport vehicles, semi-trailers have better comprehensive economic benefits, can improve transportation efficiency by 30-50%, and reduce transportation costs by 30-40%, which has played a certain role in promoting the organization of the transportation industry.

Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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