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Using Guide for Fuel Tank Trailer Ethiopia

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Using Guide for Fuel Tank Trailer Ethiopia
Many Ethiopian customers have purchased our Fuel Tank Trailer, but there are still some problems in use that are not very clear. Today we will tell you about some precautions and usage guidelines here, hoping to help you.

Fuel Tank Trailer


Use and Maintenance Guide of the Oil Pump of the Fuel Tanker Trailer

The use and maintenance of the oil pump of the tanker trailer shall be carried out in strict accordance with its operation and maintenance instructions to Ethiopian customer.

  1. Before refueling, a ground stick should be inserted into the wet ground. The grounding tape of the oil tanker should be grounded. During the operation, you should always maintain good conduction of statics.

  2. The safety valve and filter net of the oil tanker should be checked and cleaned frequently.

  3. The oil tank and piping system should be cleaned regularly. The tanker trailer should be checked regularly  and see whether the joints of the pipeline system are well connected and the seal is reliable.

  4. The oil tanker trailer should be installed with electrostatic tape according to the specifications. When the static electricity encounters extremely high concentration of flammable gas remaining in the vehicle, an explosion will occur. The electrostatic belt has frequent friction on the vehicle body and other parts that are prone to static electricity, which can effectively remove the electrostatic hazards and ensure that the body is not harmed.

These guidelines must be followed. The fuel tank trailers we provide to Ethiopia have been strictly inspected for quality. Only by cooperating with our user guide can the function of the trailer be maximized and the service life of the trailer extended.


Installation Guide for Fuel Tank Trailer

Install it on the metal part of the chassis! After using for a period of time, after the bottom part is worn out, you can put down the rubber belt a bit more.

If possible, users can install the electrostatic grounding alarm on their oil tanker trailers.

Tank semi trailers should be equipped with special fire extinguishers, tow rails, and poles. When driving, the tow chain should be in contact with the ground; when refueling or draining, the pole must be inserted into the wet ground.

The oil tank filling hole should be tightly sealed and the oil discharge valve and oil discharge pipe should be free of leakage. The oil tank ventilation hole should be unobstructed of all time. The oil pump inlet filter should be cleaned frequently and the oil supply hose should be installed immediately after use. Dirt must not enter.

The carburetor and exhaust pipe of the internal combustion engine shall not have flashback. The exhaust pipe should be installed in front of the vehicle.

Tanker workers are not allowed to wear shoes with nails. Smoking and any form of fire near the oil tank is strictly prohibited.

When parked, it should be kept away from any fire sources. During hot seasons, it should be parked in a shaded area. During thunderstorms, do not park under large trees or high-voltage lines. When parking during transportation, someone has to keep an eye on the tanker of all time.

Ethiopian customers must strictly follow our instructions to install the fuel tank trailer. The correct installation method is the premise to ensure the safety of the staff. Careful operation will not lead to accidents.


Maintenance Guide for fuel Tank Trailer

During the maintenance process, if the operator needs to enter the oil tank, he is strictly forbidden to carry fire and must have reliable safety protection measures. Further more, there must be another person outside the tank to monitor.

All electrical devices on the vehicle must be well insulated and sparks are strictly prohibited. Working lights used on the tanker should be safety lights below 36V.

When the settling tank of the oil tanker is frozen, it is strictly forbidden to heat it with fire. It can be melted with hot water or steam. Another option is to drive the vehicle into the greenhouse to unfreeze it.

When maintenance and overhaul are carried out under the vehicle, the internal combustion engine should be turned off, the handbrake should be pulled, and the wheels should be fixed tightly.

When the vehicle needs to be tested after repair, it should be driven by a qualified person, during which time no people or objects should be carried on the vehicle.

When parking on a slope, the reverse gear should be engaged for downhill parking, first gear for uphill parking, and the tires should be tightly plugged with triangular wooden wedges.

Fuel tank trailer use and maintenance personnel must undergo serious and careful training, and can only use and maintain tank trucks after passing the assessment. Safety is no small matter, we must be cautious. We provide system operation guidance for Essalbia customers. If you don't understand the details, you can always contact us.


High Quality Trailers Serve Essalbia

Ethiopia has always been one of our main target markets. We also have more and more customers in Ethiopia. More and more people recognize our trailer products. We will continue to provide high-quality trailers and accessories for Ethiopians. At the same time, we will try our best to improve our service level and optimize product prices. Improve the most cost-effective trailer products for our customers.

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