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What are the parts of a semi trailer?

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What are the parts of a semi trailer?
Generally, semi trailers can be divided into frame, bodywork, traction pin, suspension system, running mechanism, electrical system, support device, protective device and other accessories from the structure. These 9 parts complement each other and are indispensable. A high-quality semi trailer is inseparable from high-quality parts.

A semi trailer is a trailer whose axle is placed behind the center of gravity of the vehicle and is equipped with a coupling device that can transmit horizontal and vertical forces to the tractor. drive. What parts does a semi trailer consist of? Generally speaking, semi trailers can be divided into frame, bodywork, traction pin, suspension system, running mechanism, electrical system, support device, protective device and other accessories from the structure.

1. The frame of a semi trailer

The frame of a semi trailer is the main structure for loading goods, which is composed of girders, welded I-beams, supporting beams, connecting beams, side beams, locks, traction pin connection devices, panels, etc. Semi trailer such as flatbed semi trailer, lowbed semi trailer, skeleton semi trailer, etc., different types of semi trailer frames are slightly different.

2. The upper parts of a semi trailer

The upper parts of a semi trailer refers to fingerboards, gantry frames, etc., which are important components for auxiliary frame loading. For example, the upper parts of cargo fence semi trailer, dump semi trailer, and tanker trailer are different. They are used to load different goods respectively. Semi trailers of different structures are loaded with different goods and cannot be mixed.

3. Traction pin of a semi trailer

Traction pin, which is the connection between the semi-trailer and the tractor, and bears the traction force to drive the front of the semi-trailer.

4. Suspension system of a semi trailer

Suspension system is a device used to connect the frame and the axle, mainly used to support the load and slow down the impact of the dynamic load of the vehicle and cargo, generally can be divided into steel plate suspension, single point suspension, air suspension, rigid suspension There are four types, and there are differences in performance, which need to be selected according to the purpose of the vehicle. If you need detailed information, please contact us. We specialize in the production of semi-trailer suspensions and can provide professional guidance to customers.

5. The running mechanism of a semi trailer

The running mechanism of a semi trailer mainly refers to the axle system, steel ring and tires. Its main function is to bear the weight and maintain the running of the vehicle, and to support and distribute the load between the frame and the wheels. The axles and tires we produce are currently the most cost-effective in the Chinese market. They are reliable in quality and inexpensive, and are most popular with users. Welcome customers to come to negotiate business.

The semi-trailer axle, also known as the axle assembly, is mainly used to bear weight and maintain the normal driving of the semi-trailer on the road. Carrying capacity etc. play an important role. Our axles support customization and can meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent.

The tires are in contact with the road surface and bear the weight of the car. Together with the suspension of the semi-trailer, they play a role in easing the impact. The tires and the road maintain good adhesion and improve the traction, braking and passability of the semi-trailer. If a semi-trailer is not supported by wear-resistant, heat-resistant and durable tires, its safety performance and economic benefits are out of the question. So the choice of tires is also extremely important. Tires are rubber products. In addition to wear and tear, they will naturally age. You also need to pay attention to the maintenance and inspection of tires, clean up debris in time, and replace them in time if they are found to be aging.

In general, when it comes to the power core of a semi-trailer, we can easily think of the engine and gearbox. But in fact, the axle is also one of the core power assemblies of the semi-trailer, and the axle plays a role in the power transmission process. If the axle is not selected properly, it will directly affect the safe use of the vehicle. We provide our customers with quality axles.

The steel ring is also called the wheel hub, which refers to the drum-shaped, barrel-shaped part that supports the tire inside the tire, and the center is mounted on the axle. It is an important part of the semi-trailer. The driving process of the semi-trailer will generate lateral and longitudinal loads, accompanied by driving torque and braking torque. Therefore, the hub needs to bear a considerable part of the load. high. In order to meet the market demand, the steel rings launched by many manufacturers have been improved, such as the design of the sealing structure, the simplification of the maintenance process, and the extension of the maintenance cycle. Customers can choose according to their needs when purchasing.

6. The electrical system of a semi trailer

The electrical system of a semi trailer is composed of cables, gas circuits, and lamps, and its main functions are lighting, braking, and safety warning. Compared with the first 5 parts of a semi trailer, this part is relatively small and not particularly important, but it is also an indispensable part of the semi-trailer.

7. The supporting device of a semi trailer

The supporting device of a semi trailer is used to support the trailer when the semi-trailer is detached. Its structure may seem simple, but its function is critically important for a semi trailer.

8. The protective devices of a semi trailer

The protective devices of a semi trailer can generally be divided into side protection and rear protection. With the rapid development of the modern logistics industry, various countries have higher and higher safety requirements for semi-trailers, and subsequently higher and higher requirements for manufacturers. Protective devices have also become an essential part of the semi-trailer. The current semi-trailer will be equipped with a protective net. Due to the large blind spot of the semi-trailer, when someone is knocked down by the protective net when turning, the driver is not easy to find, which may cause serious consequences.

9. Other accessories of a semi trailer

Other accessories, such as tool boxes, spare tire racks, plug-ins and other small accessories. These accessories do not require high production technology, and can be produced by general manufacturers. These trailer accessories such as tool boxes and spare tire racks have greatly improved the ability of semi-trailer drivers to deal with emergencies, and can solve some simple faults in time. Safe driving of the semi-trailer.

The above are the 9 major parts of the semi-trailer. These 9 parts complement each other and are indispensable. A high-quality semi-trailer is inseparable from high-quality parts. We specialize in the production of various semi trailers. Every part of the semi-trailer has been ingeniously designed, strictly controlled in the production process and precise in installation. Make sure that every semi-trailer we produce is a high-quality product. They are high-value, powerful, long-life semi-trailers.

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