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What is a Low Bed Trailer?

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As a leading trailer manufacturer, Vehicle Master is proud to offer a high-quality low-bed trailer that is popular among many customers and designed to meet their specific heavy-load transport needs.

What is a Low Bed Trailer?

A low-bed trailer, also known as a low-loader or lowbed, is a specialized piece of equipment designed to transport extra-heavy, tall, or oversized cargo that conventional trailers cannot handle. The characteristic feature of a low-bed trailer is its lowered deck. This lowered platform allows the trailer to carry taller cargo while staying within legal height restrictions. The reduced deck height is a key advantage when transporting heavy machinery, construction equipment, industrial gear, and other large, bulky items.

Advantages of a Low Bed Trailer

One of the main benefits of a low-bed trailer is its ability to transport heavy loads with a low center of gravity. This design feature enhances stability and safety, reducing the risk of tipping or shifting during transport. Additionally, the lower deck is easier to load and unload, often using ramps or hydraulic mechanisms to facilitate the movement of heavy equipment onto the trailer.

Why Choose Vehicle Master's Low Bed Trailer?

Vehicle Master's low-bed trailer is built with a robust and durable chassis designed to withstand the immense stress of heavy-load transport. Using high-quality materials and advanced engineering techniques, our low-bed trailers can handle the most demanding loads over long distances.

In addition to bearing capacity, we equip our low-bed trailers with sturdy anchor points, tie-down mechanisms, and advanced braking systems to ensure stability and safety during transport. They are also fitted with proper lighting and reflective markers to enhance road visibility, contributing to overall safety.

Low Bed Trailer Axles

3 Axle Low Bed Trailer

4 Axle Low Bed Trailer

Multi Axle Low Bed Trailer

Low Bed Trailer Sizes

3 Axle Low Bed  Trailer: 13000mm*3000mm*1760mm

4 Axle Low Bed Semi Trailer: 15800mm*3000mm*1760mm

Low Bed Trailer Load Capacity

3 Axle Low Bed Semi Trailer: 30-120 tons

4 Axle Low Bed Trailer: 30-150 tons

Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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