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What tires should be used for different semi trailers?

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What tires should be used for different semi trailers?
As the shoes of a semi-trailer, tires play a vital role. As the saying goes, only feet know whether the shoes fit or not. So what kind of semi-trailer is equipped with what kind of tires, do you know? As the leading semi trailer and semi trailer part manufacturer, Vehicle Master always makes sure all the semi trailers produced by our factories have the best "shoes" (tires) and wheels so they can provide the best performance for all of our customers.

Models Suitable for Wire Tires and Tubeless Tires

  • First of all, tires are divided into steel tires and tubeless tires. These two types are subdivided into various models, while different models of tire are adapted to different models of semi trialer.

  • Among them, the most common ones on the market are 11.00R20 steel wire tires and 12.00R22.5 tubeless tires, which are widely used in standard vehicles, rollover dumpers, and various types of hazardous chemical vehicles. The trailers used for good long-distance road conditions are equipped with 12.00R22.5 tubeless tires and the patterns are mostly 3 or 4 lines.

  • The 12.00R20 steel wire tires used to be widely applied in the 100 ton high loading range, but now it is almost not an option anymore when the trailer leaves the factory. 

  • The 825-16 tubeless tire and 820-R20 steel tires are generally used in lowbed semi trailers with three-line six-axle, as well as the 13.75 meter flatbed semi trailer. The tire has a small diameter and a low bearing surface. The current level is mostly 16 layers.

  • The 385 series of large single tires are designed for light weight. Most of them are matched with aluminum alloy wheels. Recently, they have been widely used in skeleton semi trailers, also known as container chassis.

  • The 235/75R17.5-16PR and 317/70R22.5 are widely used in standard car carrier and mid-axle car carrier semi trailers. 16 layers is mostly used when it is registered.


Road Condition Decides Tires

  • When the road conditions are poor, 11.00R20 steel wire tires or 12.00R22.5 block patterned tubeless tires can also be used for short distances. At present, 12R22.5 and 12-layer tubeless tires are mostly used, but the 16-layer and 18-layer tubeless tire is mostly used when it comes to actual application. It is well known that the more the tire layer, the higher the durability factor and the greater the safety factor.

  • However, in order to control the overload from the very source, the vehicle management department mandates that some models must be equipped with 12-tier tires when they are installed, but in some areas the responsible departments do not pay much attention to this when they are registered. If you choose other grades of tires, it all comes down to luck whether it can be registered.



Precautions for Using Tires

  • When purchasing tires, you should pay attention to the factory production time of the tires. When replacing tires, tires of the same brand with the same specification, grade and pattern should be installed on the same axle and they cannot be mixed.

  • During use, try to avoid overloading for a long period of time, and check for tire wear and tire pressure in time. Otherwise, the service life of the tire will be reduced by approximately 20%-50%.

  • For the safety of when it comes to tires, driving for a long time, the road conditions are not ideal, or frequent braking will cause the tire to heat up quickly. It is necessary to install a water sprayer to cool the tire in time to prevent the tire from blowout due to overheating, which endangers the safety of driver and semi trailer.

  • In fact, regarding this issue, domestic and foreign vehicles have begun to install tire pressure monitoring and alarm systems. According to the pressure sensor installed in the tire, a signal can be sent promptly to control the tire pressure through the inflation and deflation device so that safe tire pressure can be maintained of all time.




  • As a vital part of the semi-trailer, tires are related to the safety of vehicles, especially during summer time when the weather is hot, it is also a period of high frequent incidents du to tire problems. Thus, semi trailer drivers should pay special attention.

  • Regularly check the degree of pattern wear of the tires, switch their position reasonably, and replace the tires with hidden problems in time to avoid unnecessary loss.

Vehicle Master is China's leading provider of semi trailer solution for transportation and logistic industry. The company has been awarded Provincial Municipal Meritorious Enterprise, Star Enterprise and Advanced Enterprise.




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