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4 Axle 40m3 Bulker Cement Tanker Trailer

The 4 axle 40m3 bulker cement tanker trailer is a high-quality transportation solution for the cement industry. It is specially designed to safely and efficiently transport large quantities of cement to construction sites, cement factories or storage areas.
Product Name: 4 Axle 40m3 Bulker Cement Tanker Trailer
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4 Axle 40m3 Bulker Cement Tanker Trailer


The introduction of the 4 Axle 40m3 Bulker Cement Tanker Trailer is a positive and welcome development in the transportation industry. This type of trailer is specifically designed to meet the demands of cement transportation, which often requires efficient and safe delivery to construction sites and factories.

The 4 Axle 40m3 Bulker Cement Tanker Trailer boasts a large capacity of 40 cubic meters, meaning it can transport a significant amount of cement in one trip. Additionally, the trailer is built with four axles to increase stability on the road and ensure safe and secure transportation.

With its reliable build and advanced features, the 4 Axle 40m3 Bulker Cement Tanker Trailer is set to make cement transportation more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. This will not only benefit transportation companies and manufacturers but also contribute to the overall growth of the economy.

Overall, the introduction of this trailer is a step in the right direction towards improving the transportation industry. With its advanced features and capabilities, the 4 Axle 40m3 Bulker Cement Tanker Trailer is set to set the pace for the transportation of cement products.

4 Axle 40m3 Bulker Cement Tanker Trailer


Typical specifications for 4 Axle 40m3 Bulker Cement Tanker Trailer:

Axle Configuration: 4 axles

Capacity: 40 cubic meters (approximately 40,000 liters)


Length:12-15 meters (39-49 feet).

Width: 2.5 meters (8.2 feet).

Tank Material: high-quality steel 

Discharge System: equipped with a discharge system

Compartments: cement tankers have multiple compartments

Suspension: Air suspension

Tires:  multiple tires

Braking System: have a robust braking system to ensure safe stopping, including air brakes.

Lights and Reflectors: The trailer will have a lighting system, including taillights, brake lights, turn signals, and reflectors to comply with road safety regulations.

Hoses and Fittings: These trailers are equipped with hoses and fittings for loading and unloading cement at construction sites or cement storage facilities.

Aeration System: To prevent cement from caking or sticking together during transport, some cement tanker trailers have aeration systems to maintain a flowable consistency.

Kingpin and Fifth Wheel: The kingpin is the part of the trailer that connects to the tractor or towing vehicle's fifth wheel. This connection point is crucial for stability and maneuverability.

Please keep in mind that specific details, such as tank design, discharge system, and other features, may vary between manufacturers and models. It's essential to check with us for the precise specifications of a particular 4 axle 40m3 bulker cement tanker trailer to ensure it meets your transportation needs and complies with local regulations.

Contact us for more infos. Whatsapp/Tel: +86 18866100060

Email: bowen@vehiclemaster.com

4 Axle 40m3 Bulker Cement Tanker Trailer


There are several advantages of a 4 axle 40m3 bulker cement tanker trailer:

Increased carrying capacity: With four axles, the trailer can support a larger payload compared to trailers with fewer axles. This means you can transport more cement in a single journey, increasing efficiency and reducing transportation costs.

Enhanced stability: The additional axles distribute the weight evenly across the trailer, improving stability and reducing the risk of tipping over, especially when navigating through uneven terrain or sharp turns.

Improved maneuverability: The four axles provide better maneuverability, allowing the trailer to navigate tight spaces and narrow roads with greater ease. This is particularly useful in construction sites or congested urban areas where space is limited.

Reduced wear and tear: The extra axles help distribute the load more evenly, reducing wear and tear on the trailer's tires, suspension, and other components. This can result in lower maintenance costs and prolong the lifespan of the trailer.

Enhanced safety: The increased stability and improved maneuverability of a 4-axle bulker cement tanker trailer contribute to better overall safety on the road. The trailer is less prone to accidents, rollovers, or jackknifes, ensuring the safety of both the driver and other road users.

Compliance with regulatory requirements: Some regions or countries have specific regulations regarding the maximum weight that can be carried by a single axle. By having four axles, the trailer can comply with these regulations without the need for additional permits or overweight fines.

Overall, a 4 axle 40m3 bulker cement tanker trailer offers increased carrying capacity, improved stability, better maneuverability, reduced wear and tear, enhanced safety, and compliance with regulatory requirements. These advantages make it an efficient and reliable choice for transporting cement.

4 Axle 40m3 Bulker Cement Tanker Trailer


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