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40ft Container Chassis Trailer

Do you have the need to transport 40ft containers? This customizable 40ft container chassis trailer is perfect for you, offering customization options for length, width, materials, and more.
Length: 40ft (Customizable)
Price: Factory Price. Get a free quote.
Axle: 2 / 3 / 4 Axles (Customizable)
Capacity: 20-80 Tons (Customizable)
Delivery Time: 15 Working Days

WhatsApp: +86-18866100060​​​​​​
Email: Bowen@vehiclemaster.com
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Product Introduction: 40ft Container Chassis Trailer

This 40ft container chassis trailer is specially designed to accommodate a standard 40ft container or two standard-sized 20ft containers. With diverse customization options, providing reliability and adaptability, whether you require different lengths, varied payloads, a different number of axles, or a lightweight chassis, we can meet your customization needs. This trailer provides a versatile and reliable option for enterprises engaged in container cargo transportation, such as shipping and logistics.

40ft Container Chassis Trailer

Customizable Parameters of 40ft Container Chassis Trailer

Product Name

40ft Container Chassis Trailer


2 / 3 / 4 Axles


20ft / 40ft / 45ft / 53ft / 60ft

Loading Capacity

20 - 80 Tons


Gooseneck or Tandem


Q345 / T700

Axle Brand


Twist Lock

4 Sets / 12 Sets

Landing Gear

28 Tons Two Speed, JOST / Other Brand

King Pin

#50 (2")/#90 (3.5"), JOST / Other Brand

Key Features of 40ft Container Chassis Trailer

Container Compatibility: Specifically designed to accommodate a standard 40ft container, meeting ISO container specifications, and capable of simultaneously transporting two standard 20ft containers. Ensures secure mounting and optimal weight distribution for safe and efficient transport.

40ft Container Chassis Trailer

Sturdy Structure: The container chassis trailer is manufactured with durability and structural integrity in mind, utilizing high-strength materials to create a robust structure. This ensures a long service life, wear resistance, and the ability to withstand the demanding conditions of container transport.

40ft Container Chassis Trailer

Adjustable Container Locking Mechanism: The trailer is equipped with an adjustable container locking mechanism, providing flexible and secure accommodation for both 20ft and 40ft containers. This feature enhances flexibility in container loading and unloading, ensures cargo stability during transport, and simplifies the loading and unloading process, contributing to increased operational efficiency.

40ft Container Chassis Trailer

Suspension System: The trailer features an advanced suspension system capable of absorbing shocks and vibrations during transport, ensuring smooth and stable container transport. This not only guarantees the safety of transporting containers but also enhances the driver's comfort.

40ft Container Chassis Trailer

Ready to Ship 40ft Container Chassis Trailer

These are container chassis trailers ready for transport, and the one in the video is a 40ft container chassis trailer. The customer had various customization requirements to meet their operational needs and local regulations. We fulfilled these customization requests and provided them with factory prices. This friend from Africa was delighted to purchase a high-quality trailer at a very favorable price and expressed the intention to buy again in the future.


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